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NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Голос Сталі / The Voice Of Steel” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set + Poster/

NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Голос Сталі / The Voice Of Steel” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set + Poster/
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Remastered re-release of the sixth full-length studio album by the cult Ukrainian Pagan/Folk/Symphonic Black Metal band.
Almost five years in wait, after significant line-up changes, on the sixth full-length opus the most notorious and dedicated Pagan Metal force from Ukraine sounds as never diverse, enriching their sound even more with intricate traditional harmonies; mind-blowingly rich in tempos, atmospheres and anthemic feeling, music even bears a Progressive way while handling the riffs, not to bury the Black Metal past of the band too deep as well!
Blending it with Progressive elements, Pink Floyd like Psychedelic Rock and the usage of violin and Folk instruments, this album is actually monumental. The whole production is brilliant, much better than any other Nokturnal Mortum release.
A brilliant piece of Pagan Epic Folk Black Metal! Definitely Nokturnal Mortum’s strongest album so far, by far the best release in their genre and definitely one of the best releases of last years!! Highly recommended to all Metal fans!!!
Deluxe Edition comes as 2CD Set with a remixed and remastered at Mana Recording Studio (in Florida) sound, silver foil print, extra poster, 38 page booklet enriched by new artwork details, and features four bonus tracks, including Bathory and The Moody Blues covers!!
Oriana Music, 2009/2014 (OMCD16). Made in Ukraine.

CD 1:
2.Voice of Steel 
5.My Dream Islands 
6.By Path of the Sun 
7.Sky of Saddened Nights 
8.White Tower

CD 2:
01. Valkyria (Early Version) 
02. Valhalla (Bathory Cover) 
03. Sky of Saddened Nights (Early Version) 
04. Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues Cover)


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