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KORPIKLAANI “Korven Kuningas” /CD/

KORPIKLAANI “Korven Kuningas” /CD/
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The fifth full-length album by the cult Finnish Folk Metal band.
With this album the band is opens their Nuclear Blast chapter, which undoubtedly bring them a better distribution. With "Korven Kuningas" the Forest Clan is bound to graduate beyond their faithful followers and be evaluated by the broader audience.
By its general principle, "Korven Kuningas" does not deviate from what made Korpiklaani who they are and brought them recognition in the first place. Rowdy, rascal, hilarious songs about drinking, mystical stories and Finnish nature, composed using authentic melodies and played with native instruments – all of this is present on "Korven Kuningas". Except, as the sentiment tends to be a bit more mystic/mythology as well as hard every day life oriented, drinking and boozing has been expunged from the lyrics. The bitchin’ accordion (thanks, Kayla) and violin are still woven into the music, and often assume the leading role with guitars providing the general rhythmic backdrop. "Tapporauta", "Metsamies" and "Runamoine" are still the jumpy humppa songs with repeating parts from your closest Finnfest. Head-bobbing rhythms, accordion solos, and gang vocals – this is Korpiklaani as we know it. But overall, it seems that the band wanted to make more serious and more reflective album.
Overall, Korpiklaani’s "Korven Kunningas" is a damn good album that should not be missed! Get the album, it’s worth it!!
The South American release features bonus track.
Nuclear Blast Records/Scarecrow Records, 2008 (SC08378-0). Made in Mexico.

1. Tapporauta
2. Metsämies
3. Kepp On Galloping
4. Northern Fall
5. Shall We Take A Turn?
6. Paljon On Koskessa Kiviä
7. Ali Jäisten Vetten
8. Gods On Fire
9. Nuolet Nomalan
10. Kantaiso
11. Kipumylly
12. Suden Joiku
13. Runamoine
14. Syntykoski Syömmehessäin
15. Korven Kuningas
Total playing time: 74:02


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