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JAG PANZER "The Fourth Judgement" /CD/

JAG PANZER "The Fourth Judgement" /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the third official full-length album by the cult American Heavy/Power Metal band.
It features the return of the band's original vocalist, Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, and the replacement of Chris Kostka on lead guitar by Joey Tafolla. The band returns to a more Epic Power Metal feel on this album, as opposed to the Thrash influence on “Dissident Alliance”.
10 years ago when this was released, many looked at it as a breath of fresh air; A sigh of relief so to say. Powerful, melodic metal! It was re-released June 5, 2007 with a new album art, a whole new layout, liner notes, new photos and three bonus songs from the band’s 1996 demo sessions - the demo that got the band signed to Century Media. Only this time around, you get it remastered!!
Century Media Records, 1997/2007 (Century Media 8371-2). Made in USA.

1.Black 04:53
2.Call Of The Wild 03:17
3.Despair 04:20
4.Future Shock 03:53
5.Recompense 04:45
6.Ready To Strike 02:32
7.Tyranny 03:15
8.Shadow Thief 05:33
9.Sonet Of Sorrow 02:21
10.Judgement Day 06:47
Bonus Tracks:
11.Future Shock [Demo] 03:57
12.Ready To Strike [Demo] 02:36
13.Black [Demo] 04:35
Total playing time: 52:44

Price: 6.90 €
Weight: 0.15 Kg