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OGEN “Black Metal Unbound” /MCD/

OGEN “Black Metal Unbound” /MCD/
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Debut EP by Italian Black Metal band.
Amazing debut of pure Black Metal in a clearly nineties Nordic way, for fans of bands such as Old Man’s Child, Gorgoroth or Covenant, which has been also produced by Daniele Mandelli (Forgotten Tomb)...
Ogen was formed in 2010 as a solo project of mastermind Hartagga who had the desire to explore the field of Extreme Metal, pushing his lifelong musical quest further.
A lot of interesting stuff follow through-out this EP. Groovy Black Metal with very nice leading melodies. Great guitars that speak through a lot of ways. Fast riffs, melodic riffs, lunatic "Old Man's Child" - "Emperor" influenced riffs. Very well worked melodies and guitar harmonies that lead the songs and add a great atmosphere. The vocals also have more than one color. Mostly extreme, raw and sometimes switching to double recorded demonic (high groahls and low roahrs combination). There are also some clean vocals that work really nice in the songs. Drums (session played) are really helping the themes to emerge and shine. Thrash rhythms, slow rhythms, fast doublekicks and blastbeats. Raw, atmospheric, raged, melodic, whatever serves the idea. And actually this works great, because the result is an EP with it's own character.
"Black Metal Unbound" is a really interesting and well performed EP that will definately speak to the hearts of Emperor, Old Man's Child, Opeth, early In The Woods and Rotting Christ fans!
Kolony Records, (KR012CD). Made in Italy. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. Shattered Earth Volcano 
2. Black Tusk Retaliation 
3. Crest Of The Forgotten 
4. As Leaden Sun Shineth Upon 
5. A Steep Slope To Desolation


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