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GRAVE "You’ll Never See…" + "…And Here I Die… Satisfied" /CD/

GRAVE "You’ll Never See…" + "…And Here I Die… Satisfied" /CD/
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 Re-release of the second full-length album by the cult Swedish Death Metal band.
Grave followed their classic debut "Into the Grave" with an equally fearsome, if less recognized album. Swedish oldschool Death Metal in the vein of Entombed and Dismember, but with a heavier and more malevolent feel. The songs on "You'll Never See..." are constructed of simple riffs and relatively straightforward compositions, technical Death Metal, they are not. Grave's charm instead lies in the conviction of their delivery rather than their instrumental prowess. Every song is in fused with an all-consuming, yet organic heft and seething brutality. The tracks are a mix of mid-paced chugging, slow grooves and occasional bursts of speed. The vocals are a fairly deep, guttural growl, but not entirely indecipherable. The drumming is simple but effective, with liberal use of double bass. Guitar solos are short, uncluttered affairs, competent and well placed, but not overly heroic. Recorded at legendary Sunlight Studios.
 What makes this album great is that Grave’s reach never exceeds their grasp. Grave set out to create a brutally heavy, evil Death Metal record, and they succeed in spades. The album flows seamlessly from one thick slab of death to the next with unrelenting power. “You’ll Never See...” is a crushing classic, a pleasure for every Death Metal fan… buy it without fear!!
 Reissue includes “…And Here I Die… Satisfied” mini-album as a bonus.
Century Media, 1992/1993/2006 (CENTURY MEDIA 77612-2). Made in Germany

1.You'll Never See... 05:10
2.Now And Forever 04:18
3.Morbid Way To Die 04:47
4.Obsessed 03:51
5.Grief 04:53
6.Severing Flesh 05:15
7.Brutallity Decreased 03:59
8.Christi(ns)anity 04:44
Bonus Tracks:
9.And Here I Die... 04:08
10.I Need You 04:32
11.Black Dawn 03:27
12.Tremendous Pain 03:27
13.Day Of Mourning 03:33
14.Inhuman 03:38
Total playing time: 59:42


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