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GRAVE "Into The Grave" + "Tremendous Pain" /CD/

GRAVE "Into The Grave" + "Tremendous Pain" /CD/
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 Remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult Swedish Death Metal band.
If any person wants to start listening to Grave, their debut should be the first album that should be introduced! This is totally Grave's best album!! As you listen to this album, you could notice that it's filled with influences from Autopsy and Sepultura, but it's as if Autopsy or Sepultura went down to the depths of hell, came back, and recorded this album. That's what this album sounds like. It's far more aggressive and brutal than Severed Survival, Sepultura's “Schizophrenia” and “Beneath The Remains” (though, those albums are masterpieces as well). The album isn't extremely long to where you want to shoot yourself because you can't finish it, and it's not too short. It's approximately forty-two minutes, a perfect length, and those will be the most brutal forty-two minutes of your life! The musicianship on this album is excellent, is some of the best from any band in the Swedish Death Metal scene!
Overall, this album is definitely Grave's best album and one of the best Death Metal debuts worldwide. “Into The Grave” is one unbelievably insane album with intense songs that will completely get you hooked on this band!!
 Re-issue includes “Tremendous Pain” EP, rare pre-production demo track, tracks from "In The Eyes Of Death I" Compilation and previously unreleased versions of tracks + “Soulles” video as a bonuses.
Century Media, 1990/1991/2001 (CENTURY MEDIA 77388-2). Made in Germany

1.Deformed 04:04
2.In Love 03:35
3.For Your God 03:46
4.Obscure Infinity 03:07
5.Hating Life 03:01
6.Into The Grave 04:08
7.Extremely Rotten Flesh 04:35
8.Haunted 03:38
9.Day Of Mourning 03:34
10.Inhuman 03:51
11.Banished To Life 04:53
Bonus Tracks:
12.Tremendous Pain 03:29
13.Putrefaction Remains 02:53
14.Haunted 03:28
15.Day Of Mourning 03:32
16.Eroded 03:15
17.Inhuman 03:38
18.Obscure Infinity 03:12
Total playing time: 65:39


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