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CRADLE OF FILTH "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" /Super Jewel Box Slipcase CD/

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CRADLE OF FILTH "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" /Super Jewel Box Slipcase CD/
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CRADLE OF FILTH "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" /Super Jewel Box Slipcase CD/ CRADLE OF FILTH "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" /Super Jewel Box Slipcase CD/

Ninth full-length album by the legendary British Symphonic Gothic Extreme Metal band.
One of the most infamous and notorious names in metal, Cradle Of Filth continue to shock, excite, disgust and inspire in equal measure. The grandiose atmosphere and epic songwriting of the band entwined with an interesting concept can add life (or death) to an album. This is a concept album in the same vein as its predecessor “Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder”; this time centering on the demon Lilith, the first wife of the biblical Adam (by Jewish mythology), and is a modern adaptation of the character as she emerges in modern society. Album was released on 1 November 2010 by Peaceville Records. Heavy and oppressive parts full of bombast and anger give way to lighter and mellower sections that give the listener a chance to take a breath before the weight of the darkness settles back in. There are some catchy moments on the album as well. The danger of this type of album is being melodramatic instead of dramatic or self-indulgent instead of ambitious. COF manages to avoid this pitfall, and there are actually fewer long instrumental sections and interludes than they've done in the past. The core album is the band's first to not feature any instrumental tracks. The special edition bonus track "Adest Rosa Secreta Eros", is arguably an instrumental, but features extensive narrative excerpts taken from Aleister Crowley's “The Book of the Law”. The album received mainly good reviews.
It is the band's only album to feature keyboardist Ashley Ellyllon, and is also the band's final album with Dave Pybus as their bass player. On 29 September 2010 Cradle of Filth released the first official video of the album for the track "Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)."
For those looking to get into the band, start with some of the other records to gain some perspective- and come back to this later. For those who already hate Cradle, this album won't do anything to change your mind. The band has a very characteristic sound which, while giving the band a definite identity, limits their appeal to those who can enjoy that sound. Dani Filth: "Without doubt the fastest and most brutal album we've created to date... A Gothic horror themed slay-ride of fervor and perversion; yet amidst the orchestral melodrama and lush, cinematic production, there sits stalwart a ravening beast of furious riffing, flesh ripping vocals and monstrous, unstoppable percussion."
Peaceville Records, 2010 (CDVILEF300). Made in UK. Pressed in Finland. First press.

1. The Cult Of Venus Aversa 07:07
2. One Foul Step From The Abyss 04:52
3. The Nun With The Astral Habit 04:53
4. Retreat Of The Sacred Heart 03:54
5. The Persecution Song 05:33
6. Deceiving Eyes 06:43
7. Lilith Immaculate 06:11
8. The Spawn Of Love And War 06:18
9. Harlot On A Pedestal 05:07
10. Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) 04:31
11. Beyond Eleventh Hour 07:16
Total playing time: 62:25

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