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CRADLE OF FILTH "The Manticore And Other Horrors" /Slipcase CD/

CRADLE OF FILTH "The Manticore And Other Horrors" /Slipcase CD/
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Tenth full-length studio album by the legendary British Symphonic Gothic Extreme Metal band.
It was released on October 29 in Europe and on October 30 in USA in 2012. It is the band's first album as a three-man band rather than its six-man staple. "Frost On Her Pillow" was the first video to promote the album, after "For Your Vulgar Delectation" and "Manticore" were uploaded to Peaceville's Soundcloud account.
There are definitely still symphonic elements all throughout the disc, and the ending track is entirely instrumental, but it seems like the band has worked a lot of the overbearing orchestral stuff out of its system. After the heavily-orchestral “Evermore Darkly” and “Midnight in the Labyrinth” releases, Cradle of Filth has now removed the more grandiose elements of the music and produced a more focused sound. In an interesting change, that focus is tuned more towards just “Metal” this time around, instead of specifically Gothic or Black Metal, especially in the guitar riffing. It’s a good bet that any Cradle of Filth fans who liked “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa” or “Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder” will thoroughly dig the sound presented here. The less Black Metal-oriented guitar work and the removal of the overtly cheesy elements also gives the album a potentially wider appeal, but overall, this is just Cradle being Cradle, with a few of the window dressings changed.
As ever, band provided a surprisingly accessible Extreme Metal album, offering new listeners another excellent entry point into all things evil whilst at the same time retaining all of the essential elements that have brought them this far!!
Peaceville Records, 2012 (CDVILEF409). Made in Germany. First press.

1. The Unveiling Of O 02:07
2. The Abhorrent 05:53
3. For Your Vulgar Deflectation 04:46
4. Illicitus 05:24
5. Manticore 05:53
6. Frost On Her Pillow 04:12
7. Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair 04:22
8. Pallid Reflection 05:34
9. Siding With The Titans 05:17
10. Succumb To This 04:43
11. Sinfonia 03:22
Total playing time: 51:33


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