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IN MALICE'S WAKE “The Thrashening” /CD/

IN MALICE'S WAKE “The Thrashening” /CD/
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First official release of the second full-length album by Australian Thrash Metal band.
The best thrash metal album of the modern era!
To call "The Thrashening" “Modern” is misleading. Its sound is firmly founded in the old school style of the classic Bay Area acts. While In Malice’s Wake’s sound undeniably fresh and vital, their thundering drums and pummeling riffage primarily bring to mind the work Testament and early Metallica; with Shaun Farrugia’s deep, layered bark bearing particular resemblance to that of Chuck Billy. However, they also make plenty of room for the heightened aggression of Slayer, the furious speed of Exodus, and Megadeth’s politically-minded lyrics.
Highlights of "The Thrashening" include the explosive album opener “Endless Possession;” the sing-along chorus of “Fuel for the Fire;” and the sublime “No Escape,” with its crunchy mid-section that brings to mind the down-tempo stomp of "Cowboys From Hell"-era Pantera. Although, there really isn’t a dull moment on the album, as each track is an absolute masterclass in Thrash Metal perfection. In Malice’s Wake cover all bases on The Thrashening and they pull off every single element flawlessly.
The true standout of "The Thrashening", though, is the production. The Ever-reliable Systematic Productions (A.K.A. Ermin Hamidovic) truly outdid themselves with this one. Even amongst their flawless catalog, "The Thrashening" stands out, with a perfectly balanced mix that sees every instrument coming through with the perfect balance of genuine emotion and crystal clarity.
"The Thrashening" is an album that is definitely going to please anyone that loves bay-area Thrash Metal and Metal in general. It is perfectly timed at a shade over 30-mins, meaning its 8 tracks are just long enough to keep the listener engaged for the whole time while not being long enough to cause you to skip tracks. A definite contender for album-of-the-year and highly recommended for anyone that likes their Metal fast and full of more hooks!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2011/2015 (P18R 095). Made in Italy.

1. Endless Possession 3:28
2. Evil By Design 3:14
3. Onslaught 4:23
4. Fuel For The Fire 3:38
5. The Crawling Chaos 5:20
6. Join Us And Fight 3:20
7. No Escape 4:15
8. Nuclear Shadow 4:25
Total playing time: 32:03

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