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SCHIZO “Main Frame Collapse” /CD/

SCHIZO “Main Frame Collapse” /CD/
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Re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult Italian Thrash/Black Metal band.
Schizo have been pioneers of the Italian Extreme Metal scene together with Bulldozer and Necrodeath. The band was founded in 1984 and symbolizes one of the most important brand in Italian Extreme Metal scene with such goon names like Bulldozer, Mortuary Drape, Sadist, Electrocution, or more recent names like Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Aborym, etc. Born from the insane minds of S.B. Reder, Alberto Penzin and Angel Puglisi (the latter stayed in the band for a very short time), Schizo is considered (along with Necrodeath and Bulldozer) the most important Italian Thrash Metal band. Nevertheless, differently from Necrodeath, they never had the right recognition from the Metal scene, despite being influential even on famous international acts like Sepultura, Darkthrone, Cradle of Filth (believe it or not, Dani Filth was a huge fan of them back in the day) and the whole Swedish Old School Death Metal scene.
In their first years of activity, Schizo raised a lot of good response in the Underground with the “Total Schizophrenia” demo. Their main influences were early 80s Extreme Metal like Venom, Sodom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Old School Hardcore like Discharge (whose influence was more evident on the “Thrash The Unthrashable - Thrash To Kill!!!” demo). Chuck Schuldiner, mastermind of legendary Death band was asked to join the band for the recording sessions of debut album; however, due to the intense activity with his band, Schuldiner was forced to deny the request. After, Necrodeath’s vocalist Ingo joined them and, in 1989, they finally unleashed their beast "Main Frame Collapse".
Imagine a Punkier and rawer version of Necrodeath’s first two legendary full-lenghts. This album is a lethal injection of Death/Thrash with Hardcore influences and an occasional early Black Metal vibe (even if less “atmospheric” and more straight-to-the-point than Necrodeath). Extreme blast-beats, fast and intense riffs, which reek of insanity, schizophrenia and all the possible kinds of mental illness… And then, Ingo, one of the best Extreme Metal singers ever: his vocals are not growls, not screams, not simple shouts, not “though-guy vocals”, they are just evil and mean as you couldn’t imagine, and his performance on this album is even better than the one on the first two Necrodeath albums! Unfortunately, he sings only on the first five tracks on this album and the other ones are sung by S.B. Reder (he makes some good Hardcore shouts, but he is not as evil as Ingo).
Possible, this is the best Italian album ever made, and one of the best Extreme Metal albums ever. It’s a classic of Italian Underground and if you love stuff like early Necrodeath, early Sepultura, Sarcofago, Mutilator, early Sodom and early Kreator, you won’t be disappointed!! 
Punishment 18 Records, 1989/2006/2016 (P18R 105). Made in Italy.

1. Violence At The Morgue 1:22 
2. Threshold Of Pain 2:47 
3. Make Her Bleed Slowly 4:31 
4. Epileptic Void 3:06 
5. Removal Part 1 & Part 2 1:50 
6. Psycho Terror 4:31 
7. Sick Of It All 2:28 
8. Manifold Hallucinations 2:33 
9. Behind That Curtain 4:27 
10. Main Frame Collapse 5:59 
11. Delayed Death 2:20
Total playing time: 35:55

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