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BLIND GUARDIAN “A Twist In The Myth” /Ltd. Special Edition 2CD Digipack/

BLIND GUARDIAN “A Twist In The Myth” /Ltd. Special Edition 2CD Digipack/
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The eighth full-length album by legendary German Power Metal band.
The new masterpiece of Hansi Kürsch & co! Like no other this band is inspired by the medieval fantasy worlds that literature has given to us, most notably J.R.R., and combines it with the high energy Speed and Power Metal styles they have endorsed since their beginning. This album follows the old Blind Guardian's formula, with some twists and touches thrown in (the band credits this as the reason for the album title.) It's straight up Power/Speed Metal like Blind Guardian has always done it. Although Blind Guardian are very innovative and don't stand still on any record, nor here, there are two or three tracks absolutely do without.
It's a very good record, superb release from an excellent band, very consistent throughout. It has some nice twists to it, especially with the Folk influences, and the lyrical content at times deviating from the Blind Guardian’s fantasy-based lyrics. It conforms to all the clichés the other albums this band has released conform to.
If you've liked Blind Guardian all these years, you'll approve of this one for its consistency and innovations at the same time. It's a step back, but a step forward at the same time! Good Power Metal don't get any better than this!!
Special Edition digipak features one bonus track and second CD with band interviews and Blind Guardian Media Player with access to special features (videos, pictures, news and other exclusives).
Nuclear Blast Records, 2006 (NB 1515-0). Made in Germany. First press.

1. This Will Never End 05:07
2. Otherland 05:14
3. Turn the Page 04:16 
4. Fly 05:43 
5. Carry the Blessed Home 04:03
6. Another Stranger Me 04:36
7. Straight Through the Mirror 05:48
8. Lionheart 04:15
9. Skalds & Shadows 03:13
10. The Edge 04:27
11. The New Order 04:49
12. Dead Sound Of Misery (Bonus Track) 5:18

CD 2
1. Interview (German) 17:39 
2. Interview (English) 12:41
Total playing time: 87:09

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