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INFESTED BLOOD “Demonweb Pits” /CD/

INFESTED BLOOD “Demonweb Pits” /CD/
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The fourth full-length album by Brazilian Brutal Death Metal band.
The pioneers of the Brazilian Gravity Blast Beats are back!!
11 tracks of Tech, speed and pure hate with an obscure theme travelling through the hellish "Demonweb Pits"!
The first recording with the new Trinity Trio line up!!
F***in' amazing album!!!
Gormageddon Productions/Bregan Daerthe Productions/Rapture Records/Blasphemy Production, 2013 (STEAK 008 / BD 005). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Bregan D'aerthe 06:12 
2. The Hunters Blade 04:44 
3. Shadow Plane Sorcerers 04:52 
4. Demonweb Pits 03:19 
5. Mind Flayers 03:07 
6. Summoning the Arachnid Demons 01:42 
7. Unmaking Creation 03:12 
8. The Ghost King 04:03 
9. The Blood Wars 03:44 
10. Spellplague 03:29 
11. Overtaking Divinity by Force 06:07
Total playing time: 44:57 min.

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