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First re-release of the fifth full-length studio album by legendary American Brutal Death Metal band.
The first Cannibal Corpse recording to feature vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher and the last to feature Scott Burns as producer.
Originally, the album was titled "Created To Kill" and it was recorded with founding vocalist Chris Barnes. Before the album was released, Barnes was dismissed from the band, which then brought in Monstrosity vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher to finish the album's vocal work. Fisher re-recorded all of the vocal tracks and the band released the album under the new title "Vile". "Vile" also marks the last album, featuring guitarist Rob Barrett until "Kill", and features a brand new band logo, because the previous logo was owned and trademarked by the departed Chris Barnes.
The band had built up a considerable following within the Death Metal community, and that success continued as Fisher brought a vocal dynamism and character that livened up the band's six-year-old sound. Fisher's ability to match the musical intensity and rhythm of "Vile" 's more complicated assemblages of riffs created a more sophisticated yet equally tortuous essence. Both, the album art and song titles, - while gruesome to the extreme - were somewhat toned down when compared to earlier Cannibal Corpse efforts.
The band members might have been put off by so many accusations of novelty, and intent on proving their worth as musicians. "Vile" demonstrates a commitment to musical growth: tracks like "Devoured by Vermin" and "Bloodlands" feature more complex, focused, and just plain interesting musical ideas as well as precise execution.
Fans of Death Metal who haven't yet discovered Cannibal Corpse would be wise to give "Vile" an open-minded listen, in order to understand how this band has managed to pull off thousands of successful shows and maintain such a rabid following!!
During the "Vile" sessions, "The Undead Will Feast" from "Eaten Back To Life" was re-recorded with Fisher on vocals. This version of the song would first appear as the only bonus track on a Japanese import edition of "Vile". Then on the "Worm Infested" EP in 2003.
"Vile" was the first Death Metal album to appear on the Billboard 200 chart, debuting at No.151!!!
Metal Blade Records Inc., 1996/2007 (3984-14605-0). Made in Germany.

1. Devoured By Vermin 3:13
2. Mummified In Barbed Wire 3:09
3. Perverse Suffering 4:15
4. Disfigured 3:49
5. Bloodlands 4:21
6. Puncture Wound Massacre 1:41
7. Relentless Beating 2:15
8. Absolute Hatred 3:06
9. Eaten From Inside 3:43
10. Orgasm Through Torture 3:42
11. Monolith 4:24
Total playing time: 37:38 min.


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