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CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bloodthirst" /CD/

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bloodthirst" /CD/
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CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bloodthirst" /CD/ CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bloodthirst" /CD/

The seventh full-length studio album by legendary American Brutal Death Metal band.
It's rather remarkable how little the band's sound has changed over the course of an entire decade. Sure, their musicianship has gotten a little more polished, and they've perfected their formula a bit more, but it's essentially been the same vibe on every album throughout their career. "Bloodthirst" is not that much different from the other Cannibal Corpse recording with George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (which in turn were not an incredible distance removed from the Chris Barnes era); there are the prerequisite detuned grinding guitars, hyperspeed blastbeat drumming, and vocals that sound like Fisher's larynx is being put through a garbage disposal, plus lyrics geared for maximum gore and shock value.
The appeal of "Bloodthirst", then, is likely to rest on your answer to the question "how much Cannibal Corpse do you really need"? If you enjoy the formula, haven't tired of it, and want to hear more material in the same vein, "Bloodthirst" is exactly what you're looking for. Otherwise, just get a couple of the Chris Barnes albums!
From the other side, amazing production, 11 consistently strong tracks, and endless replay value can makes it not only one of your favorite Cannibal Corpse albums, but also one of your favorite albums of all time!!
Metal Blade Records Inc., 1999 (3984-14274-2). Made in Germany. Repress.

1. Pounded Into Dust 2:17
2. Dead Human Collection 2:30
3. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty 3:51
4. The Spine Splitter 3:10
5. Ecstacy In Decay 3:12
6. Raped By The Beast 2:34
7. Coffinfeeder 3:05
8. Hacksaw Decapitation 4:13
9. Blowtorch Slaughter 2:33
10. Sickening Metamorphosis 3:24
11. Condemned To Agony 3:44
Total playing time: 34:33 min.


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