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ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/

ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/
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ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/ ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/ ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/ ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/ ROTTING CHRIST “Theogonia” /Autographed CD/

Ninth full-length album by the cult Greek Extreme/Black Metal band.
For a band whose name alone should have spelled a short and furtive career, Rotting Christ have certainly defied the odds, and their ninth studio album actually finds Greece's esteemed Metal institution approaching the conclusion of their second full decade of existence. What's more, all around bandleader, vocalist, and guitarist Sakis Tolis has continually uncovered new means to express his ever-evolving creativity over the years, while somehow managing to hang on to Rotting Christ's savage Black/Death Metal roots. Having said that, "Theogonia" gets underway in much the same fashion as its immediate predecessors: with a pair of explosive, blastbeat-driven Black Metal assaults called "The Sign of Prime Creation" and "Keravnos Kivernitos"; but except for the equally speedy tandem of "Rege Diabolicus" and "Helios Hyperion," a little later on, such breakneck behavior is neither the band's preference, nor their strongest suit. Rather, Rotting Christ have become the (virtually) undisputed masters of midtempo Extreme Metal marches, which Sakis effortlessly augments with untold layers of sublime guitar harmonies and atmospheric synthesizers. On "Theogonia", this winning template produces some of his finest creations since 1996's watershed "Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers", including the stunning "Phobos' Synagogue", "Gaia Tellus" and "He, the Aethyr." The band is clearly also bent on exploring their Hellenic heritage like never before, with many subjects and lyrics sung in their native tongue, not to mention evident appropriations of Greek Folk music scales for the likes of "Nemecic" and stupendous closer "Threnody." Along the way, Rotting Christ also find some time to visit ancient Sumer with "Enuma Elish," which, uniquely for this album, flirts with a rigid, quasi-Industrial aesthetic before unleashing one of the album's most musical and emotionally cathartic highlights.
"Theogonia" (in Greek "Birth of the gods") is their first release through Season of Mist, and the first to feature guitarist Giorgos Bokos (Nightfall) in the line-up.
In 2007, Theogonia obtained the Metal Storm award for the Best Black Metal Album of the Year. "Theogonia" is pretty much all killer, no filler, and secures its position alongside Rotting Christ's, and indeed Extreme Metal's best albums!!
Enhanced CD includes music video for the song "Keravnos Kivernitos".
CD signed by ROTTING CHRIST at Brutal Assault Festival, Josefov, Jaroměř, Czech Republic, August, 10, 2017.
Season Of Mist, 2007 (SOM 171). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Xaoeteneto (The Sign Of Prime Creation)     3:20
2. Keravnos Kivernitos     4:41
3. Nemecic     4:15
4. Enuma Elish     4:39
5. Phobos´ Synagogue     4:31
6. Gaia Tellus     4:39
7. Rege Diabolicus     2:52
8. He, The Aethyr     4:34
9. Helios Hyperion     3:50
10. Threnody     5:21
Total playing time: 42:42


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