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OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/

OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/
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OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/ OVERKILL “Killbox 13” + “Wrecking Everything - Live” /Autographed 2CD Set/

Re-release of the 12th full-length and 2nd live albums in one Set by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
Overkill has taken a lot of heat over the years from scoffers. However, if there is one thing we must applaud Overkill for it's that they are consistently and unashamedly Metal! They really have never failed to disappoint us, choosing to play Metal that is true to their style rather than following any trend or worrying about what reviewers think or say. While they have progressed over the years and have experimented with sounds here and there, no one would ever accuse Overkill of trying to "sell out". Overkill is a Metal machine that just keeps rumbling along, destroying all scoffers who get in their way.

"Killbox 13" is named as such because it is their 13th studio release. "Killbox 13" includes ten standout songs each sounding like a blend of styles from past albums, yet without sounding dated. "Struck Down" has a sound that is reminiscent of the Thrash Metal from "Feel The Fire". "I Rise" could have been part of the "Taking Over"-era of the band and "Crystal Clear" sounds somewhat like a blend of "Skullkrusher" ("The Years Of Decay") and "Spiritual Void" ("I Hear Black"). "Until I Die" reminds somewhat of "Burn You Down/To Ashes" from "The Killing Kind". Similarly, "Devil By the Tail" is similar in style to the band's last album, "Bloodletting". Actually, this track totally annihilates. "Crystal Clear" is a doomy number that has a riff that reminds of Trouble or Black Sabbath.
The production on this disc is outstanding; monstrously heavy, yet each instrument is clearly heard. The band's rhythm section is not buried in the mix whatsoever. D.D.'s bass is clear and present; while Tim Mallare's speedy double kick is front and center. Lead guitarist Dave Linsk makes his presence much known and adds some tasty and skillful guitar solos throughout the disc. Of course "Blitz" fills out the sound and gives the band their signature sound. Reading through the lyrics, while Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth is still somewhat dark and angry, he is also quite poetic. His lyrics can be interpreted a number of different ways.
Overall, another stellar effort from a band! As with their past few albums, "Killbox 13" will dominate your CD player for a long time!!

“Wrecking Everything - Live” - yet another fine live offering from Overkill. This one comes on the heels of their signing with Spitfire Records and features material from their last four studio albums and a few from their earlier albums that didn't appear on the first live album "Wrecking Your Neck Live". Old favorites like "Shred" and "In Union We Stand" sound as good as ever. However, the newer tracks are just as good, if not better than those old Metal standards. "Necroshine" and "Thunderhead" are twice as aggressive, yet just as infectious as anything the band has done. The band sounds incredibly tight. Album was recorded in Overkill's home state of New Jersey. The Asbury Park crowd is wild and loud and totally adds to the heavy atmosphere of this disc. Twenty years later Overkill are still one of the best Thrash metal bands around and one of the few who have stayed faithful to the sound and style!!
CD signed by OVERKILL at Brutal Assault Festival, Josefov, Jaroměř, Czech Republic, August, 9, 2017.
Eagle Records, 2003/2002/2008 (EDGCD387). Made in Germany.

CD 1:
1. Devil By The Tail     5:24 
2. Damned     4:14 
3. No Lights     5:53 
4. The One     4:59 
5. Crystal Clear     5:03 
6. The Sound Of Dying     4:57 
7. Until I Die     5:20 
8. Struck Down     4:43 
9. Unholy     4:40 
10. I Rise     5:09

CD 2:
1. Necroshine     5:56 
2. Thunderhead     6:22 
3. Evil Never Dies     4:42 
4. Deny The Cross     5:11 
5. I Hate     3:54 
6. Shred     3:55 
7. Bleed Me     4:28 
8. Long Time Dyin'     7:23 
9. It Lives     4:26 
10. Battle     5:28 
11. The Years Of Decay     9:51 
12. In Union We Stand     5:09 
13. Overkill     4:02
Total playing time: 121:09


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