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SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD + DVD/

SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD  + DVD/
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SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD  + DVD/ SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD  + DVD/ SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD  + DVD/ SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD  + DVD/ SEPULTURA “Kairos” /Ltd. Digipack CD  + DVD/

The twelfth full-length studio album by the legendary Brazilian Groove/Thrash/Death Metal band.
Sepultura's history is common knowledge. For those who didn't write the band off ten years ago, the last two albums "Dante XXI" and "A-Lex" were actually worth some time and gave back the Sepultura name some respect. Now, with the band's first Nuclear Blast release, "Kairos" has gone and blown it all away again!
On July 2010, announced that Sepultura were signed with Nuclear Blast Records, and would release their first album for the label in 2011. By the end of 2010, the band had begun writing new material and entered the studio to begin recording their twelfth album with producer Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, Helloween). On March 2011, announced that Sepultura had completed recording their album. Days after the album was finished, Sepultura announced on March 2011 that the album would be called "Kairos".
A lot of people is getting impressed with the "Kairos", because this album breaks a sequence of Hardcore based albums released by the band in the past few years. Sepultura’s music has passed through a profound transformation since Max Cavalera’s departure in 1996. "Kairos" is definitely an attempt to bring back the aggressive and raw sonority the band had before "Roots". Therefore, there are a few things to be heard: Hardcore and Tribal influences
But if you’re expecting Brazilian native sounds like explored in the previous releases, you won’t found them here. "Kairos" almost sounds like a pure Thrash Metal album. Of course, there are tracks in which the Hardcore influence is still perceptive, but as a whole, "Kairos" is much more similar to "Arise" and "Chaos A.D." than "Roots", "Nation", "Against" or any other. 
"Kairos" is a fast album. At least when we compare it with other recent releases of the band. Songs like the album title, “Kairos”, could be easily inserted in "Chaos A.D." without disturbing the album sonority. The speed increases as the album advances. The riffs are more simple and, even with the fact they do not show anything completely new, are the clearest examples that Sepultura tried to go back in time. A proof is “Sethe” which contains 10 seconds of pure Slayer influenced Thrash Metal: fast and noisy. The other tracks are also rapid, like “Relentless” and “Mask”, with good guitar variations.
The new drummer, Jean, had the responsibility to replace one of the greatest Metal drummers of all times, Igor Cavalera, and he surprised for the good job done. It’s precise, without much advanced technique, and what really matters, fits perfectly to what Sepultura intended to sound like: a pure Thrash/Death Metal band. So, do not expect to hear more than regular beats and double pedals. "Kairos" was Sepultura's last album recorded with drummer Jean Dolabella, as he left the band five months after its release.
Derrick vocals are pretty good in this album. They sound more strong and constant, not having volume and potency variations. But what is really worth to say is that finally Andreas Kisser has returned to the old great times of pure, creative and fast guitar solos! It’s impressive the way he plays each of the tracks in "Kairos", inserting more aggressiveness to the songs. Pay attention to what he does in “Kairos”, “Relentless” and “Born Strong”. 
So, this new album is worthy to listen to, and shows a much more mature Sepultura, trying to recover its good old roots of Thrash/Death influences!
"Kairos" sold over 2500 copies in the United States in its first week of release and topped the CMJ Loud Rock chart for three weeks. The album charted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2011 (NB 2691-0). Made in Germany. First press.

CD tracklist:
1. Spectrum 4:00
2. Kairos 3:35
3. Relentless 3:35
4. 2011 0:29
5. Just One Fix (Ministry cover) 3:30
6. Dialog 4:54
7. Mask 4:29
8. 1433 0:30
9. Seethe 2:24
10. Born Strong 4:37
11. Embrace The Storm 3:30
12. 5772 0:27
13. No One Will Stand 3:15
14. Structure Violence (Azzes) 5:37 
15. 4648 0:28
Bonus tracks:
16. Firestarter (The Prodigy cover) 4:30
17. Point Of No Return 3:24

1. The Making Of "Kairos" 50:13
Total playing time: 103:27 min.

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