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TARJA “Luna Park Ride” /2CD Digipack; Live/

TARJA “Luna Park Ride” /2CD Digipack; Live/
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TARJA “Luna Park Ride” /2CD Digipack; Live/ TARJA “Luna Park Ride” /2CD Digipack; Live/

The second live solo album by legendary Finnish Operatic/Symphonic Metal/Rock singer.
As we all know, Nightwish and Tarja decided to break up. The Finish singer with the enormous voice decided to continue releasing solo albums - four up till now. Next to those longplayers she also had two live releases for now.
Knowing that her husband Marcelo Cabuli is from Argentina it isn't a too big step to understand that this country became almost a second home for Tarja. And what is more obvious than also recording a show in Buenos Aires. The concert from this live release took place in 2011. It was March 27 when Tarja perfomed a show in the Luna Park in Buenos Aires
"Luna Park Ride" is a documentation of Tarja's live skills and is definitely a collector's piece. Tarja performs her songs sovereignly live on stage. Whether they are solo songs like the powerful "I Walk Alone" and "I Feel Immortal" or even some Nightwish songs like "Stargazers" or "Wishmaster" - she always gets the crowd going with her flesh-crawling voice and this record might be also of interest for old Nightwish fans who still mourn her leaving of the popular Finnish Symphonic Metal band as she remained in a similar field musically, being more Rock and less Epic than the band that made her famous, though.
If you've ever been to a Tarha live show and loved it, this is a great way to keep the memories alive. "Luna Park Ride" consists of two CDs, featuring a recording of her live show in Buenos Aires' Luna Park and recordings of various festivals she performed at in Europe. It was mixed by Tim Palmer, who has found the perfect balance between keeping the recordings organic and polished.
This two CD's makes something special and exciting for fans of Tarja and female fronted bombastic Metal!
earMUSIC, 2015 (0209448EMU). Made in Germany. First press.


CD 1
1. Dark Star 4:36
2. My Little Phoenix 4:13
3. The Crying Moon 4:50
4. I Walk Alone 4:04
5. Falling Awake 5:06
6. Signos 6:09
7. Little Lies 4:20
8. Underneath 5:27
9. Stargazer 4:24
10. Ciaran's Well 3:30
11. In For A Kill 4:23
12. Where Were You Last Night-Heaven Is A Place On Earth-Livin On A Prayer 4:00
13. Die Alive 3:55
14. Until My Last Breath 4:30
15. Wishmaster 4:57

CD 2
1. In For A Kill 4:37
2. I Walk Alone 4:02
3. The Archive Of Lost Dreams 3:41
4. Crimson Deep 7:29
5. I Feel Immortal 4:27
6. The Siren 4:46
7. Until My Last Breath 4:34
8. 500 Letters 4:25
9. Damned And Devine 3:48
10. Neverlight 4:34
11. Anteroom Of Death 4:17
12. Never Enough 8:42
13. Die Alive 3:53
14. Victim Of Ritual 6:30

Total playing time: 138:09 min.


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