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Our Realise
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The second full-length album by Hungarian Extreme Groove Metal band.
Stirring the cauldron once more, the lads of the mighty Omega Diatribe face you hard with their brand new record, which has been finalized by the Danish producer Tue Madsen from Antfarm Studios. Band gives a massive dose of adrenaline by their ultra-heavy grooves mixed with polyrhytmic elements and in-your-face vocals with this record.
The production is neat and the songs are crushing. This masterclass of mayhem hits you harder than ever before displaying the tightest performance yet as the boys go from strength to strength in their genre and the industry.
If you're hungry for some top-notch Extreme Groove Metal, than you have to give a chance for this record!
Highly recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Gojira, Machine Head, and Fear Factory!!
Metal Scrap Records Inc., 2018 (MSR144/CD). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Souls Collide 04:51
2. Filius Dei 04:50
3. Trinity 04:28
4. Spinal Cord Fusion 03:40
5. Divine of Nature 03:27
6. Replace Your Fear 06:18
7. Oblation 01:44
8. Chain Reaction 04:15
9. Denying Our Reality 05:55
10. Compulsion 05:33
11. Wraith 04:34
12. Tukdam 03:04
Total playing time: 53:08



Price: 7.90 €
Weight: 0.15 Kg