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MORS SUBITA “Human Waste Compression” /CD/

MORS SUBITA “Human Waste Compression” /CD/
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The debut full-length album by Finnish Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
This album is what you need if you’re already sick with clean vocals in the field of Death Metal and at the same time you’re fond of melodicity in this field. It's very aggressive, even brutal, but some melodic subtlety is there. Hape has an interesting growling style: quite high-pitched, Deathcore-like and he articulates phrases in a strange way, as if he rounded his lips at the end of each... It gives a nice effect similar to a coyote’s howling. His trademark should be that specific prolonged “auu” he frequently uses. Also backing vocals are great, well fitted and powerful.
The band’s winning formula combines elements of Thrash, Groove, and Bodom-style Melodic Death Metal. The music moves like a racehorse burning up the track, with slamming beats, frenetic riffs, and swarming guitar solos. Antti Haapsamo snarls like a really pissed-off bobcat, backed by bear-like roars. Put all that together and you get 11 tracks of modern Metal that are electrifying and head-whipping.
The musicians can all really fly, the guitars and the heavy Metallic sound of the bass generating rapid, jabbing pulses, their rhythms working seamlessly with the heavy artillery blasting away from the vicinity of the drum-kit. The rhythms have a pneumatic, almost Industrial quality to them. The band also benefit from a talent for creating short melodic choruses via the lead guitar (or through dual-guitar harmonies) that are catchy and invariably will get your foot tapping and your head nodding.
As for the recording itself, there’s a bright, sharp, steely quality to the production that suits the up-beat, groove-heavy, manually dexterous style of the music.
All in all, this is a solid album with a very good music and sound production to go with. An album recommended to the fans of quality Melodic Death Metal and a guaranteed blast to whomever will get it!!
Violent Journey Records, 20211 (VJR044). Made in Finland. First press.

1. The Sermon 4:06
2. One Million Flies 4:01
3. Glance of Fear 3:50
4. Route of Final Dusk 4:02
5. Human Waste Compressor 3:48
6. Entrance of Sickness 6:07
7. S.C.S. 4:26
8. Burden 3:10
9. World Hallucinated 3:45
10. Dead Believe 4:37
11. The Banned Exit 6:41
Total playing time: 48:37 min.


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