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IMMORTAL "Damned In Black" /CD/

IMMORTAL "Damned In Black" /CD/
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Sixth full-length album by Norwegian Black Metal legend.
Another high quality album from Immortal, which carries on in the vein of 'At the Heart of Winter.' This album goes straight for the throat and does not let go. Well produced,by Peter Tagtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN) at the famed Abyss Studios this was the final Immortal album on Osmose and is the fitting end to a legacy of Black metal Greatness.
It is the first album where bass guitar is played by Iscariah, the bassist and vocalist of the band Dead to This World. The musical style started to embrace a more Blackened Thrash Metal sound, a style that would be as prevalent on their next album, “Sons of Northern Darkness”. Abbath is really showing his chops on this one with a conundrum of indecipherable riffs. Taking a thrashier approach this time, but still filled with the same epic and majestic aesthetic we all know and love.
Osmose Productions/Fono Records, 2000 (FO107CD). Used: like new.

1.Triumph 05:40
2.Wrath From Above 05:46
3.Against The Tide (In The Arctic World) 06:02
4.My Dimension 04:32
5.The Darkness That Embrace Me 04:37
6.In Our Mystic Visions Blest 03:11
7.Damned In Black 06:51
Total playing time: 36:39


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Любомир79, 20.12.2014
класс, что тут нашел,респект за диск

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