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3000AD “The Void” /Digipack Pit-Art CD/

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3000AD “The Void” /Digipack Pit-Art CD/
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Debut full-length studio album by New Zealand Crossover/Thrash Metal band.
The core of the 3000AD writing philosophy is to create memorable and distinct songs as the Thrash masters of old so often did. Band aim to create album that allow you to identify the songs easily by ear rather than an album where all the songs sound very similar.
All three members take part in vocal duties, with drummer Hellmore accounting for the bulk of them. This allows for a chaotic multi-part vocal onslaught, that matches the intensity of the underlying music. The bass guitar also has its own unique voice and is often used almost as a second guitar would be.
“The Void” takes the listener on a journey through a bleak dystopian future. A vision of civilization on the brink of collapse in a desolate and hostile environment. Each subsequent song expands on this theme. From Old School Thrash anthems like “Cells” to the highly Progressive instrumental closer “Born Under a Black Sun”.
The album recorded in studios in Hollywood, California and Auckland, New Zealand, and mastered at the iconic Sterling Sound in New York City. Award winning engineer and producer Clint Murphy mixed the album. The gatefold artwork painted by famed Berlin based artist Eliran Kantor and known for his works for Atheist, GWAR, Hatebreed, Iced Earth, Master, Mekong Delta, Satan, Sigh, Sodom, Testament, and more.
Recommended for fans of Slayer, 80’s Metallica, Exodus, Anthrax, S.O.D, Municipal Waste, Power Trip, Toxic Holocaust and more.
Total Metal Records, 2020 (TMR034-166). Made in Ukraine.

1. 3000AD 05:09
2. Cells 03:22
3. The Network 04:56
4. Who’s Watching? 05:51
5. These Fires 03:59
6. The World We Knew 04:41
7. Journeys 07:17
8. Born Under A Black Sun 07:17
Total playing time: 42:36 min.



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