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MISFITS “American Psycho” /CD/

MISFITS “American Psycho” /CD/
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The fourth full-length studio album by legendary American Horror Punk Rock/Metal band.
Of the Punk albums to be released in 1997, Misfits’ "American Psycho" was probably one of the most underrated, and also prove to be one of the most controversial, being the band’s first release since they broke up in 1983. But most importantly it was their first record without the band's founder and former leader Glenn Danzig on lead vocals, making it ground zero for loyal Misfits fans to beg the now twenty year old question, “Is this really The Misfits without Danzig singing?”
Bassist Jerry Only, after years of litigation, reached a settlement with Danzig and was granted the rights to use the band's name and image to record and perform. The album also marked the addition of singer Michale Graves and Dr. Chud on drums.
Despite that major drama behind the scenes, this line up wrote a really great Horror-Punk record. It was the first record, where the band really broke out into the mainstream (by getting some music videos on MTV). Originally, the album was going to be titled "Dead Kings Rise", a play on the band's resurrection, but was changed when the title track did not make the album. The album was produced by Daniel Rey, who has produced for artists such as the Ramones and White Zombie.
"American Psycho" sounded nothing like the original Misfits and that’s what makes it fantastic. The band was smart enough not to try to do the same thing that they did in 80’s and instead modernized their sound, but still keeping their Horror Punk theme. The change was pretty drastic when compared to the Danzig-era material. The production was definitely of higher quality and in Punk Rock that can either be acceptable or it can backfire completely. Everything from the vocals to the guitar and the drums was very crisp sounding. One of the reasons for this very well could have been because they went in more of a Metal direction, especially when it came riffs in “The Shining” and the blasting drums and crunchy guitar in “Mars Attacks”. But the most blatant change was the lead vocals.
Though it still doesn’t compare to the original line-up’s material, "American Psycho" was definitely the best of the Danzig-less Misfits. Band's goofy formula of lyrics, inspired by bad horror movies, Poppy vocals, and blasting Hardcore is still excellent mosh-pit fodder!
CD includes 12-panel poster booklet with lyrics on one side and a b/w poster on the other.
Geffen Records, Inc., 1997 (GED24939). Made in EU.

1. Abominable Dr. Phibes 1:42
2. American Psycho 2:07
3. Speak Of The Devil 1:48
4. Walk Among Us 1:23
5. The Hunger 1:43
6. From Hell They Came 2:17
7. Dig Up Her Bones 3:02
8. Blacklight 1:28
9. Resurrection 1:30
10. This Island Earth 2:15
11. Crimson Ghost 2:01
12. Day Of The Dead 1:50
13. The Haunting 1:26
14. Mars Attacks 2:28
15. Hate The Living, Love The Dead 1:37
16. Shining 3:00
17. Don't Open 'til Doomsday 5:37
18. Hell Night (hidden track) 2:21
Total playing time: 39:35 min.

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