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GORGOROTH "Antichrist" /LP/

GORGOROTH "Antichrist" /LP/
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Limited edition re-release of the second full-length album by cult Norwegian Black Metal band.
Is a solid example of musicianship, atmosphere, and song structure which would have rate it as one of Gorgoroth’s best albums. Favorite aspect of this album would be the sadistic, grim and depressing atmosphere it creates amongst combinations of the instruments and effects. For Gorgoroth this was very much true Black Metal because it was at a time before fame, controversy and criminal convictions thus making distinction between the true Gorgoroth fans and those who are drawn to it for the rebellious nature. If you love Black Metal, this one is a timeless classic that you can hear anytime you feel like listening to hell!
This is an exact bootlegged replica of the official 1995 release!!
Malicious Records, 1995/2013 (MR 008)

Side War:
1. En Stram Lukt Av Kristent Blod
2. Bergtrollets Hevn
3. Gorgoroth
Side Pain:
4. Possessed (By Satan)
5. Heavens Fall
6. Sorg


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