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GORGOROTH "Pentagram" /LP/

GORGOROTH "Pentagram" /LP/
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Limited edition re-release of the debut full-length album by cult Norwegian Black Metal band.
A good amount of black poison in one of the most productive years as a classic of the genre is concerned. “Pentagram” has everything you need to hold that title and flaunt it. It was recorded at the legendary Grieghallen Studio and is an album that displays all the speed, power of evil, and is a good debut album, and while the timer stops at approximately 29 minutes, the attack is lethal. There are no effects or arrangements of keyboards, the guitars are sharp, and Infernus excels from start to finish playing harmonies and tremolos are are extremely well done and are precisely coupled with the battery that operates many resources, traveling from the super fast blast beats to passages-time and slow time.
“Pentagram” has everything good from the old Black Metal of the mid-nineties. Great debut and essential in the collection of whomever calls himself a follower of Black Metal. This is an exact bootlegged replica of the official 1995 release!!
Malicious Records, 1994/1995/2013 (MR 007)

1. Begravelsesnatt
2. Crushing The Scepter
3. Ritual
4. Drømmer Om Død
5. Katharinas Bortgang
6. Huldrelokk
7. (Under) The Pagan Megalith
8. Måneskyggens Slave


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