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SLAYER “Repentless” /Ltd. GLP/

SLAYER “Repentless” /Ltd. GLP/
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SLAYER “Repentless” /Ltd. GLP/ SLAYER “Repentless” /Ltd. GLP/ SLAYER “Repentless” /Ltd. GLP/ SLAYER “Repentless” /Ltd. GLP/

The twelfth full-length album by legendary American Thrash Metal band.
The long-reigning titans of Thrash Metal returns with new album, the first for Nuclear Blast Records!
Slayer's place in music history is secure as one of The Big Four (alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax): they helped define the Thrash Metal genre. With "Repentless", Kerry, Tom, Paul and Gary affirm that Slayer is unstoppable.
Produced by Terry Date (Pantera, Slipknot, Soundgarden), "Repentless" was written and recorded by guitarist Kerry King and singer/bassist Tom Araya at Henson Studios in Los Angeles, along with returning drummer Paul Bostaph (Hail!; ex- Testament) and guitarist Gary Holt (Exodus). Album includes "Piano Wire", an unfinished song from the "World Painted Blood" sessions written by Jeff Hanneman.
In 2013, the world mourned the loss of guitarist Jeff Hanneman who died from complications following a two-year illness. A co-founder of Slayer, losing Jeff was very difficult for the band. During Jeff’s illness, friend of the band, guitarist Holt stepped in to help out on tour with Jeff’s blessing and stayed on. Around that time, drummer Dave Lombardo exited the band for the third time and Paul Bostaph, (who played with the band from 1992-2001), returned to take over the throne. Slayer never skipped a beat and since Holt and Bostaph both played in Exodus, it was all-in-the-Thrash-family.
"Repentless" is the band’s first new album in six years, continues the Slaytanic offensive with a twelve-song, blood-shaking sonic attack. It's dark, fast, aggressive and without mercy. It was also the most challenging record Slayer has ever had to make.
"Repentless" is loaded with sensational songs - from the hyper-aggressive Metallic blasts of the title track, "Take Control", "Implode" and "Atrocity Vendor" to the ferocious Thrash pounding of "Vices", "When The Stillness Comes" and "Pride In Prejudice" - the album is Slayer through and through.
After two decades with American Recordings, Slayer found a new home with Nuclear Blast Records, the German independent label known for its Metal roster. The album also marks the return of drummer Paul Bostaph.
Thirty-four years into its career, Slayer remains the preeminent Punk/Thrash Metal band that helped establish the genre and that up-and-coming Metal heads continue to revere and emulate. Slayer is a five-time nominated, two-time Grammy Award-winning Metal juggernaut that writes songs, which mirror the turmoil and aberrations of our society.
"Repentless" is crushing and brutal, steadfastly refusing to cater to the mainstream. It marks a number of transitions for the band but with their undisputed attitude, Slayer emerges triumphant! Slayer continues fearlessly, aggressively and without contrition; and most importantly, f****ng Slayer still rules!!!
Limited to 500 copies red-black splatter vinyl in a gatefold sleeve! Special Vinyl Mastering!!
Nuclear Blast Records, 2015 (27361 33591). Made in Germany. First press.

Side A:
1. Delusions of Saviour 1:55
2. Repentless 3:20
3. Take Control 3:14
4. Vices 3:32
5. Cast the First Stone 3:43
6. When the Stillness Comes 4:21

Side B: 
7. Chasing Death 3:45
8. Implode 3:49
9. Piano Wire 2:48
10. Atrocity Vendor 2:55
11. You Against You 4:21
12. Pride in Prejudice 4:14
Total playing time: 41:58

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