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CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" /2LP/

CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" /2LP/
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CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" /2LP/ CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" /2LP/ CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" /2LP/

First re-release of the sixth full-length album by legendary British Symphonic Gothic Black Metal band.
This album is just as strong, if not stronger than any of their other efforts. The production is way better here than on any previous release, thanks to Rob Cagianno (of Anthrax). The band have never sounded better. And the songs are all top-notch. Lyrically, Dani Filth has reached deep into his bag of goth/mythological prose to pen some sparkling lyrics.
Recorded with The Vulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra. Album debuted at number 89 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, selling 13,818 copies. The title track was nominated for a 2004 Grammy award in the Best Metal Performance category. A "Fix" version video of “Nymphetamine” was made. "Mother of Abominations" appeared on the soundtrack to the 2005 horror film “Alone in the Dark”. "Coffin Fodder" is mentioned in episode four of the UK comedy television series “The IT Crowd”, as track four on a gift-wrapped CD given by the goth character Richmond to a grieving widow at a funeral. Album marks the first recorded appearance of guitarist James McIlroy (as "Germs Warfare"). He would later record guitar for the band's 2010 release “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa”. “Nymphetamine” is also the band's final album to feature keyboardist Martin Powell. The album features guest appearances by ex-Theatre of Tragedy and current Leaves' Eyes vocalist, Liv Kristine, and Doug Bradley, who starred as the cenobite Pinhead in the “Hellraiser” series and also collaborated on “Midian”.
With songs like “Coffin Fodder“, “Filthy Little Secret“ and “Gilded Cunt“ the heaviest of Cradle craving’s will be satisfied and “Medusa And Hemlock“, “Nemesis“ and “Mother Of Abominations“ are bound to become Cradle classics!
180 gram yellow vinyl.
Roadrunner Records/Cargo Records, 2004/2007 (RRCAR 8282-1). Made in Germany. Slightly bent cover's angle.

Side One
1. Satyriasis 01:42
2. Gilded Cunt 04:08
3. Nemesis 07:17
4. Gabrielle 05:27

Side Two
5. Absinthe with Faust 05:14
6. Nymphetamine (Overdose) 09:14
7. Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette 01:57

Side Three
8. Medusa and Hemlock 04:44
9. Coffin Fodder 05:17
10. English Fire 04:45
11. Filthy Little Secret 06:16

Side Four
12. Swansong for a Raven 07:09
13. Mother of Abominations 07:33

Bonus track:
14. Nymphetamine Fix 05:01
Total playing time: 75:44


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