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SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/

SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/
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SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/ SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/ SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/ SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/ SONIC SYNDICATE “Sonic Syndicate” /GLP/

The fifth full-length studio album by Swedish Alternative Rock/Metalcore band.
It is the first album by the band to not feature former members Richard and Roger Sjunnesson. The album features guest appearance from Björn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork on the track "Before You Finally Break", marking as the first time the band has collaborated with another artist on a studio album. It's also the final album to feature long-time bassist Karin Axelsson.
"Day of the Dead" opens the album with a strong combination of MeloDeath and Metalcore, a la In Flames/Soilwork; an appealing display of heavy, yet melodic riffs and a blistering vocal delivery by Nathan, who now handles both clean and coarse vocals in the band. Richard's iconic screams may no longer be present, but Nathan does not disappoint, with gravitational low-end growls. Contrastingly, his cleans are powerful and anthemic, with songs further down the track list with much more imaginative chorus lyrics to display this. "Black Hole Halo" is one such track. It is a remarkably strong piece that is representative of the band's new-found aggression and focus on riff-orientated music; additionally, the vocals are absolutely stellar, with a catchy chorus that will surely resonate.
"Before you Finally Break" is the album's crowning glory. It is easily one of the heaviest tracks the band has ever written, with a remarkable melding of speed and aggression with compounding grooves. The centerpiece of this track, however, is the inclusion of guest vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork, who offers up both clean and coarse vocals. He and Nathan share an incredibly synergy on this track, delivering an intense and emotional chorus together.
"The Flame that Changed the World" is a surprisingly mature track, with a strong and meaningful synthesizer presence, that add a convincing 'Sci-Fi' atmosphere. Retain a strong In Flames influence in the riffs, the chorus is one of the best found on the album.
Sonic Syndicate have put together an excellent album that tries to meld aggression and melody without too much outside modern- trend influences.
This album sees the band pay homage to their roots while looking forward to the future. Sweden-Metal-lovers get their money’s worth with some more brilliant songs by Sonic Syndicate!
Limited to 500 copies 180g Yellow or Green vinyl in gatefold sleeve (we can't guarantee the color of the vinyl, because all items are sealed and share the same barcode).
Nuclear Blast GmbH/Cargo Records Germany GmbH, 2014 (NBCLP 3234-1). Made in Germany. First press.

Side A:
1. Day Of The Dead 4:09
2. Black Hole Halo 4:39
3. Long Road Home 5:05
4. My Revenge 4:28
5. Before You Finally Break 3:32

Side B:
6. Catching Fire 4:02
7. Unbreakable 5:03
8. It Takes Me 3:48
9. See What I See 2:52
10. So Addicted 5:48
11. The Flame That Changed The World 4:10
Total playing time: 47:36 min.


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