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The sixth re-release of the debut full-length album by legendary American Psychedelic/Progressive Rock band.
Iron Butterfly's 1968 debut album established the band's trademark sound, relying on plodding, heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums. An early forerunner in the Metal sweepstakes for "heaviest-sounding band name we can think of" the band went so far as to call its debut album "Heavy".
Undeniably, it's also a trademark album in the history of Rock music. It's not the best album of the band but surely their most important one. Simplicity and originality are the main characteristics since songs have a short duration. From a first hearing, someone can understand that it was something new at that point in time. The album is influenced by the music and the psychedelic spirit of the era. It was the first time that something in the music industry was called 'Heavy'.
Generally, there are not lengthy solos or jamming that would 'exhaust' the listener. In addition, there is not any acoustic song on the album that will make you question the band's identity. Probably, the instrument that distinguishes on the album is the keyboards since they bind excellently Ingle's voice, who starts to shape Iron Butterfly's sound.
This might not be the best album you`ll ever hear, or even the best album by Iron Butterfly, but it is essentially revolutionary its era and it reflects the roots of Hard Rock. This album is definitely the “must have” LP for all Psychedelic fans, and those who just want to hear how Heavy music started its development 45 years ago.
Despite being a debut album with no hit single to provide an entry point for the casual listener, "Heavy" was a commercial success, reaching number 78 on the Billboard Chart and eventually going Gold in the US.
Catted from Original Analog Flat Master 180 g vinyl stereo re-release includes download voucher.
ATCO Records/Atlantic Recording Corporation/Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company, 1968/2016 (081227943202 / SD 33-227). Made in Germany. Rocktober Edition.


1. Possession 2:41
2. Unconscious Power 2:29
3. Get Out Of My Life, Woman 3:54
4. Gentle As It May Seem 2:25
5. You Can't Win 2:38

1. So-Lo 4:02
2. Look For The Sun 2:11
3. Fields Of Sun 3:10
4. Stamped Ideas 2:04
5. Iron Butterfly Theme 4:35
Total playing time: 30:09 min.

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