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The second full-length album by Colombian Thrash Metal band.
Perpetual Warfare is one of the most known and interesting bands in the Undergroung Thrash Metal scene of Bogota. They play old school Thrash Metal, but with their own style in it - being influenced by 80's Thrash Metal bands, although not being exact copies of those bands. 
The songs always have a main riff, which is catchy, with which the songs develop, but the riff is never overused. The rhythm guitar is good in this album. Camilo is a very good rhythm guitar player, as he can maintain the tempo of the songs, and also is able to play in a very precise way his guitar, combining it with the vocals. 
The lead guitarist Steven also very good guitar player and he does typical old school Thrash Metal solos, changing scales in a very fast speed, and is very precise when playing them.
The drums of the album are also very good. Johan is an excellent drummer, and he is able to play in a very precise way. Being fast when they play fast, and in the slow parts playing very good and adding some elements which make the drums get noticed and not be just to keep the tempo. He also show his skills with the double bass, as you can hear it in "Llanto Inocente", and plays in a way the drums fit perfect in all the songs.
The best part instrumentally in this album is the bass. Wilson is one of the best bass players in all of the Metal bands in Colombia. His technique is great, using his fingers, and being able to add fills which let the bass to be noticed and give its own feel to the song. Usually the bass is more noticed in the slow parts, adding lots of things which outstand from the guitars. It is also always audible, and something great at this album has. 
The vocals in this album are very good, being able to fit perfectly in the old school Thrash Metal style of the band, and in the slow parts of the songs, are a little different, but also very good. The band also uses lots of gangs vocals, which are a very common thing in lots of bands of old school Thrash, and which of course are perfect for this album.
The production of the album is good, and the atmosphere is the same like in any Thrash Metal record; this is a record with which you will be able to headbang and mosh all the time!
Intense Thrash Metal for every fan of genre!!
Limited Edition to 250 copies 180-gram black vinyl includes insert with lyrics.
Viuda Negra Music, 2013/2014 (VNM VINYL 002). Made in Colombia. First press.


Side A
1. Intro 1:10 
2. Terminator Seed 5:44 
3. The Age of War 4:01 
4. Showbixxx 3:53 
5. Dehumanized (but still we have to fight) 7:05 
6. Colapso Mortal 3:43

Side B
7. Zoociedad 7:22 
8. Cleptocracia 5:13 
9. 4:20 7:40 
10. Otro Cadaver Más 3:05

Total playing time: 48:56 min.

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