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DEMENCIA "Religion Of Sin" /Autographed LP/

DEMENCIA "Religion Of Sin" /Autographed LP/
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The second full-length studio album by Chilean Thrash Metal band.
“Religion Of Sin” is as it sounds, a straightforward piece of South American machinery with plenty of admiration towards the European and the American Thrash scenes. It's shattering and crushing, tormenting as if it was a part of earlier discography of the Teutonic lords, Kreator, and moderately tasting the oxidized blood irons of Dark Angel, with a fierce type of Thrash Metal, letting their damnation out with sheer force.
It started with the main riffs, heat fuming guitar soloing that burned your skins, and of course the Petrozza like vocals at full stretch, piercing with glory. Nonetheless, it also noticeable that Demencia struggled to step out of the old Kreator-ish dignitary while adjoining a few uneven song assemblies, speed demon passages, and slightly Americanised Thrash Metal riffs. And in general it worked out for them, but it still sounds and walks like a Kreator late 80s release, of course not bad.
Infusing songs in Spanish was a right call in order to secure their South American roots intact, and at least one of them creased with no mercy. The Kreator-ish doctrine within the rhythms and beats, made Demencia to come up with lead guitar efforts that in their benefit stood tall.
It's recommend to be listened by every Metalhead that respects the meaning of moshing and Metal as well as for fans of Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, and Dark Angel!!
Vinyl version includes bonus track.
Agresor Records/American Line Productions, 2013 (003-13 / LA-164). Made in Mexico. First press. Vinyl signed by vocalist/guitarist Giovanni Rivera.


Side A
1. Intro (Religion Of Sin) 0:47
2. Metal Religion 4:47
3. Mourderous Of Weapon 5:02
4. Dementhrash 2:57
5. Holocaust 3:35

Side B
6. Maestros Del Infierno 4:25
7. Overload My Blood 4:26
8. Engendros 3:06
9. Mortal Sin 4:24
10. Attack Of Demon's (Bonus track * version 2011) 4:04

Total playing time: 37:33 min.

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