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PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/

PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/
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PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/ PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/ PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/ PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/ PAIN “Coming Home” /Ltd. GLP/

The eighth full-length studio album by the legendary Swedish Electronic/Industrial Metal/Rock band.
Swedish mastermind Peter Tägtgren has long been hailed as one of the most talented Metal musicians and producers around, working together with a slew of bands, all whilst playing in numerous other projects such as Hypocrisy and Lindemann. Despite this daunting schedule, and a full two decades after its inception, Peter's hobby project Pain is back, unleashing the new album five years after its predecessor “You Only Live Twice”.
From the get-go, “Coming Home” treats us to an explosion of experimental elements, featuring facets that have as yet not been explored before. Starting off with the audacious “Designed to Piss You Off”, an irresistible Bluesy melody complete with grooves that will go straight to your feet, this song delivers a resounding unexpected punch, and gives us a first glimpse at what Peter's son Sebastian can do on the drums. This leads to the memorable “Call Me”, featuring vocal work from Joakim Brodén of Sabaton and stunning orchestra arrangements, unmistakably courtesy of Clemens Wijers from Carach Angren. Strumming guitars lead us into “A Wannabe”: a softer yet relentless melody that marches ever on, embellished by majestic orchestral parts. But just as things start to feel a bit slow, the pace gets taken up a notch. “Pain in the Ass” and “Black Knight Satellite” are both bombastic and intensely powerful songs, dancing on the fine brink between melody and heaviness. At the pinnacle of the album, we have the title song “Coming Home”, a more melancholic song encapsulating the nostalgia of home. “Absinthe Phoenix Rising” is a song, written about that time the band was assaulted in Germany, incorporates an almost sleazy tune with some headspinningly trippy moments. “Final Crusade” on the other hand starts out with a monstrous intro, turning this lithely into a catchy swaying song that mixes in unexpected breakdowns, emphasised all the more by a resonating growl at the end. Penultimately we have “Natural Born Idiot”, its thunderous atmosphere being tempered by spacey orchestral sections and bizarre experimental moments. Closing off the album is the ethereal, epic, and lonely “Starseed” - a slower song that speaks of the yearning for a far-away home among the stars. After all, it wouldn't be Peter Tägtgren if there were no extraterrestrial moments.
Peter has once again managed to weave together a catchy blend of styles that really shouldn't be mixed, resulting in a fresh, well thought-out opus that is one of the crowning jewels of Pain's discography!
Strictly Limited to 300 copies 120g Clear Vinyl in Gatefold sleeve with 8-page booklet.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2011 (NB 3212-8). Made in Germany. First press.


Side A
1. Designed To Piss You Off 3:54
2. Call Me 4:13
3. A Wannabe 4:15
4. Pain In The Ass 4:06
5. Black Knight Satellite 3:41

Side B
6. Coming Home 4:40
7. Absinthe - Phoenix Rising 3:40
8. Final Crusade 3:54
9. Natural Born Idiot 4:16
10. Starseed 4:44

Total playing time: 41:23 min.

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