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RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/

RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/
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RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/ RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/ RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/ RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/ RAGE "The Devil Strikes Again" /2LP/

The 22nd full-length studio album by legendary German Heavy Metal band.
Rage's very own demon strikes back with an overwhelming piece of work swinging between huge Thrash riffs and slamming Power Metal melodies! The true essence of teutonic violence and international airplay!!
Absolutely a new classic! Peavy has gone back to their roots. Warning - this is raw and heavy as you can imagine. You will feel this fresh blood on your hears. This is Rage with a turbo machine!!
Brutal, playful, melodic - Rage kick ass again. "The Devil Strikes Again" continues where "Black In Mind" ended. A must-have!!!
Nuclear Blast Records, 2016 (NB 3550-1). Made in Germany. First press.



Side A
1. The Devil Strikes Again 4:37
2. My Way 4:19
3. Back On Track 4:19
4. The Final Curtain 4:13
5. War 4:21

Side B
1. Ocean Full Of Tears 4:03
2. Deaf, Dumb And Blind 4:14
3. Spirits Of The Night 4:54
4. Times Of Darkness 5:13
5. The Dark Side Of The Sun 5:46

Bonus Vinyl

Side C
1. Bring Me Down 5:05
2. Requiem 3:55
3. Into The Fire 5:26

Side D
1. Slave To The Grind (Skid Row cover) 3:27
2. Bravado (Rush cover) 4:36
3. Open Fire (Y&T cover) 4:42

Total playing time: 73:10 min.

Side A-B 33 PRM • Side C-D 45 PRM.


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