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ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/

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ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/
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ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/ ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/ ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/ ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/

The debut full-length studio album by legendary German Hard’n’Heavy band.
The band’s eponymous debut album was a brand of Deep Purple-like Hard Rock that was virtually indistinguishable from anything that was coming in Britain at the start of the famous NWOBHM movement. The vocals were still sung in lower register, the riffs consist almost all minor-key power-chording or melancholic ballads, with only rare tribal up-tempo show-stoppers.
"Accept" was released at 1979 in Germany and 1984 in US. On Accept's first album, these Teutonic Headbangers still standing under the Scorpions' shadow have yet to find their voice. There are small glimmers of future promise here, namely in Wolf Hoffmann's very capable guitar work. The main problem here is that the band are still in the process of building their own musical identity. The songs vary from the charging Metal rhythms of "Lady Lou" to the smoky, balladry of "Seawinds" (sung by bassist Peter Baltes). Much of the material is of reminiscent of Uli Jon Roth era Scorpions Hard'n'Heavy, but their ideas aren't yet so potent.
Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann later remembered the debut as simply a collection of songs the band had worked up over their formative years, with no real focus: "We were just playing songs that we had always played. It was material that had gathered up over the first few months and years of our existence and it was a mixture of all kinds of stuff."
Accept are probably the most influential and most important German Heavy Metal band. They would gain better production values and a more cohesive direction on future releases, but the debut was an important early step that gained them the ability to play the neighboring countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and France for the first time.
Metronome GmbH/JEM Records Inc./PVC Records, ‎1979/1984 (PVC 6904). Made in US. First American press. Still sealed vinyl!


Side 1
1. Lady Lou 3:03
2. Tired of Me 3:14
3. Seawinds 4:29
4. Take Him in My Heart 3:29
5. Sounds of War 4:35

Side 2
1. Free Me Now 3:00
2. Glad to Be Alone 5:12
3. That's Rock'n Roll 2:53
4. Helldriver 2:40
5. Street Fighter 3:28

Total playing time: 36:03 min.

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