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CHICAGO “Original Album Series Vol. 2” /Slipcase 5 CD Set/

CHICAGO “Original Album Series Vol. 2” /Slipcase 5 CD Set/
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CHICAGO “Original Album Series Vol. 2” /Slipcase 5 CD Set/ CHICAGO “Original Album Series Vol. 2” /Slipcase 5 CD Set/

Re-release of the five classic albums, in one set, by the legendary American Soft Rock/Jazz Rock band.
Includes the albums: "Chicago IX - Chicago's Greatest Hits 69-74", "Chicago X", "Chicago XI", "Chicago 16", "Chicago 17".
Each of these five albums is presented as a mini-LP in a cardboard sleeve, making this a quick, easy, affordable way to get all of band's best albums at once.
100% musthave for every old school maniac!!
Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company, 2013 (8122796488). Made in Germany. First press.


CD 1 «Chicago IX - Chicago's Greatest Hits '69-'74»
1. 25 Or 6 To 4
2. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is
3. Colour My World
4. Just You'n'me
5. Saturday In The Park
6. Feelin' Stronger Every Day
7. Make Me Smile
8. Wishing You Were Here
9. Call On Me
10. (I've Been) Searchin' So Long
11. Beginnings

CD 2 «Chicago X»
1. Once Or Twice
2. You Are On My Mind
3. Skin Tight
4. If You Leave Me Now
5. Together Again
6. Another Rainy Day In New York City
7. Mama Mama
8. Scrapbook
9. Gentrly I'll Wake You
10. You Get It Up
11. Hope For Love
12. I'd Rather Be Rich (Original Version / Rehearsal)
13. Your Love's An Attitude

CD 3 «Chicago XI»
1. Mississippi Delta City
2. Baby, What A Big Surprise
3. Till The End Of Time
4. Policeman
5. Take Me Back To Chicago
6. Vote For Me
7. Takin' It On Uptown
8. This Time
9. The Inner Struggles Of A Man
10. Prelude (Little One)
11. Little One
12. I Wish I Could Fly (Rehearsal)
13. Paris (Rehearsal)

CD 4 «Chicago 16»
1. What You're Missing
2. Wait For You To Decide
3. Bad Advice
4. Chains
5. Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away
6. Follow Me
7. Sonny Think Twice
8. What Can I Say
9. Rescue You
10. Love Me Tomorrow

CD 5 «Chicago 17»
1. Stay The Night
2. We Can Stop The Hurntin'
3. Hard Habit To Break
4. Only You
5. Remember The Feeling
6. Along Comes A Woman
7. You're The Inspiration
8. Please Hold On
9. Prima Donna
10. Once In A Lifetime

Price: 17.90 €
Weight: 0.5 Kg