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ECLIPSE ''Celebration Of My Death'' /MC/

Our Realise
ECLIPSE ''Celebration Of My Death'' /MC/
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Debut full-length demo-album by the cult Ukrainian Brutal Death Metal band.
Ten Brutal Death/Grind tracks tell the horrible stories about Maniacs, murderers, psychopaths, death, suicide, pain, agony, lunacy, fear... that's would be enough?
Cult release from the cult band!!
Metal Scrap Production, 1996 (MSP006). Made in Ukraine.

Side A:
1. Ultra Violence
2. Amputation, Agony ...
3. Celebration Of My Death
4. Deny Holy Deception
5. Surgeon Of Your Flesh
6. Damned Forever
Total playing time: 19:34

Side B:
1. State Of Coma
2. Instrumenstrual
3. War
4. Watchtower
Total playing time: 14:51



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