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MASTER (Rus) “Talk Of The Devil” /MC/

MASTER (Rus) “Talk Of The Devil” /MC/
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Re-release of the third full-length album by the legendary Russian Thrash Metal band.
This is an album that can be compared to "Coma Of Souls" or "Beneath The Remains". The production isn't quite as brutal, but sometimes it is close, and the riff intensity and variety is definitely on level with those two releases. The only thing that's a bit problematic is that the album is just a bit short.
"Talk Of The Devil" starts with a little intro, and then this massive riff comes out of nowhere, cleaving your skull in and forcing you to make peace with whatever deity it is that you worship! The song speeds up quite a bit, and then after a few verses, this intro riff comes back to haunt you again in the middle…
The rest of the album still thrashes in its own same way!
Strongly suggested album for all Thrash Metal maniacs!!
Re-edition includes completely new artwork and bonus track.
Moroz Records/Drive, 1992/2002 (MR 02517 MC). Made in Ukraine.

1. Intro Golgotha 
2. Talk Of The Devil
3. Danger
4. Fallen Angel
5. Live To Die
6. Tsar 
7. Heroes
8. Romance
9. I Hate Your Sex
10. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
11. Lock Them In The Graves (Live)


Price: 2.90 €
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