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DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars" /Ltd. MC/

Our Realise
DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars" /Ltd. MC/
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DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars" /Ltd. MC/ DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars" /Ltd. MC/ DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars" /Ltd. MC/ DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars" /Ltd. MC/

The fourth full-length studio album by Greek Extreme Power/Thrash Metal band.
These nine songs are a culmination of everything the band draws inspiration from. No longer a bridge between their various influences but a destination reached - Power/Thrash Metal amalgam carved with Death/Black Metal tools!
The album's lyrics speaks of how fire and stars, literally and metaphorically, have always fuelled human imagination for “good and bad”. Because through the ages men looked at the stars, those actual “fires in the skies”, and everyone found something different: gods, devils, angels, heavens or hells, aliens or ancient humans, our past and our future… And all these found their way in our lives through religion, science and art. Through them, stars left their mark in our history and, in many ways, their fire became a beacon for our future.
“Of Fire And Stars” highly recommended for fans of bands like Blind Guardian, Kreator and Iced Earth, as well as fans of all Extreme Metal styles!!
Available for orders via Total Metal Shop only.
Total Metal Records, 2019 (TMR033-153/MC). Made in Ukraine.


Side of Stars
1. A World Beyond
2. The Call of the Stars
3. Light Long Dead
4. Across the Desert
5. Earth and Water
Playing time: 20:08 min.

Side of Fire
6. The Highest Hill
7. Throne of Martyrdom
8. The Final Frontier
9. Of Fire and Stars

Total playing time: 21:53 min.



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