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Remastered re-release of the tenth full-length studio album by the legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal band.
Following the success of their previous album, "Defenders Of The Faith", Judas Priest initially recorded a double album which was intended to be released under the title "Twin Turbos". This idea was scrapped. Instead, the material was split up, with the more commercial songs appearing as the album "Turbo".
Always believing that Metal should have no boundaries, Priest challenged themselves taking on board new technical inventions to create fresh ideas and push their sound forward. Searching for a way to retool their sound, Judas Priest attempted to accentuate their melodic side on "Turbo" by incorporating synthesizers and '80s Pop-Metal stylings ("Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days" sounds more like Poison, albeit with synths). The restrained songcraft sometimes pays dividends, especially on the PMRC-bashing "Private Property" and "Parental Guidance", and the synth-driven leadoff track "Turbo Lover", the latter of which is easily the best song on the record, and a successful reimagining of the Priest formula. The album features all the hallmarks of classic Judas Priest on tracks such as “Turbo Lover”, “Parental Guidance” and “Locked In”.
The album marked the band's first use of guitar synthesizers, and the introduction of hints of Glam Metal into their image were particularly unpopular with the band's fan base at the time. Anyway, the album was ranked No. 39 on list over the 50 Greatest Glam Metal albums. Moreover, "Turbo" goes Gold by RIAA on 10 June 1986 and Platinum on 24 July 1987, and reaching No. 33 in the UK and No. 17 on Billboard 200.
This album is an essential part of the Judas Priest catalogue. Originally recorded with the band's long term producer Tom Allom, this album marked a distinctive change in the band’s sound by the use of synthesized guitars but still keeping their classic Heavy Metal style that Judas Priest were synonymous with!!
Re-edition includes two bonus tracks.
Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd., 1986/2002 (502135 2). Made in Austria.

1. Turbo Lover     5:33
2. Locked In     4:19
3. Private Property     4:29
4. Parental Guidance     3:26
5. Rock You All Around The Workd     3:36
6. Out In The Cold     6:27
7. Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days     4:39
8. Hot For Love     4:11
9.Reckless     4:20
Bonus tracks:
10. All Fired Up     4:45
11. Locked In     4:24
Total playing time: 50:09

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