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CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation And A Day - From Genesis to Nemesis" /CD/

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CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation And A Day - From Genesis to Nemesis" /CD/
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Fifth full-length album by the legendary British Symphonic Black Metal band.
It’s Cradle's only album on a major label, Sony Records, after which they transferred to Roadrunner Records. Album features the forty-piece Budapest Film Orchestra and thirty-two-piece Budapest Film Choir. The album is partly based on John Milton's epic poem “Paradise Lost”. In addition to the Miltonic arc, the album also features stand-alone tracks such as the Nile tribute "Doberman Pharaoh" and the Aleister Crowley-influenced "Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)". This is the first Cradle Of Filth’s full length album to feature only one full-time guitar player (Paul Allender), as former guitarist Gian Pyres quit the band shortly before the writing and recording process. Keyboardist Martin Powell played session guitars for the album as well as keyboards. This is also the first album to feature Dave Pybus as the bass player who played on all of Cradle's following releases up until 2012. Narration on the first track of each section is by David McEwen, who played Kemper in the 2001 horror film “Cradle of Fear” (also starring Cradle frontman Dani Filth) and appeared in the video for "Her Ghost in the Fog", miming Doug Bradley's vocals. The album's recording process was documented on Cradle's 2005 video release “Peace Through Superior Firepower”. Videos were made for ''The Promise of Fever'', "Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)" and "Mannequin". The song "Carrion" was used in the 2003 animated film “Dominator”, which featured Dani Filth as the voice of Dominator.
There aren't any flaws with the album that can be pointed out. It is simply a catchy, insane, and amazing display of Black Metal and Gothic Metal combined together to form a conceptual album revolving around small tales and songs of the dark and macabre. Cradle Of Filth fans, rejoice! For a major record label having one of the greatest metal acts of the nineties, this album is not mainstreamed and not aimed at people outside the style. This is simply a must have for anyone wishing to put the "Bitter Suites To Succubi" horror behind them!!
Sony Music UK, 2003 (510963 2). Made in England. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon 02:03
2. The Promise Of Fever 05:57
3. Hurt And Virtue 05:24
4. An Enemy Led The Tempest 06:12
5. Damned In Any Language 01:58
6. Better To Reign In Hell 06:11
7. Serpent Tongue 05:10
8. Carrion 04:43
9. The Mordant Liquor Of Tears 02:35
10. Presents From The Poison-Hearted 06:20
11. Doberman Pharaoh 06:03
12. Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) 05:38
13. A Scarlet Witch Lit The Season 01:34
14. Mannequin 04:27
15. Thank God For The Suffering 06:14
16. The Smoke Of Her Burning 05:00
17. End Of Daze 01:24
Total playing time: 76:53 min.

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