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KRISIUN “Southern Storm” /Autographed CD/

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KRISIUN “Southern Storm” /Autographed CD/
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KRISIUN “Southern Storm” /Autographed CD/ KRISIUN “Southern Storm” /Autographed CD/

The seventh full-length album by cult Brazilian Death Metal band.
The Brazilian Death Metal force of power and might is back with an album and a storm is what hits you right across the eyes, when you press play!
"Southern Storm" has integrity, brutality and an undying fever for uncompromising and unrelenting Death Metal. These things have kept Brazil's Krisiun going strong for over 15 years. This album proves these brothers are unstoppable and dedicated as ever by ignoring trends and hammering out real Death Metal. Hyperspeed brothers prove once again that they are unstoppable, violent and as dedicated as ever!
The album features a cover of the Sepltura song "Refuse/Resist"!!
CD signed by band members at Bingo Club, Kiev, Ukraine, December, 10, 2008.
Century Media Records/Mazzar Records, 2008 (MYST CD 365). Made in Russia.

1. Slaying Steel     04:11
2. Sentenced Morning     03:59
3. Twisting Sights     04:05
4. Minotaur     03:51
5. Combustion Inferno     04:23
6. Massacre Under the Sun     04:43
7. Bleeding Offers     03:24
8. Refuse / Resist (Sepultura cover)     03:00
9. Origin of Terror     04:05
10. Contradictions of Decay     04:08
11. Sons of Pest     04:47
12. Black Wind     00:48
13. Whore of the Unlight     04:23
Total playing time: 49:47


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