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CANDLEMASS “Chapter VI” /Super Jewel Box CD + DVD/

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CANDLEMASS “Chapter VI” /Super Jewel Box CD + DVD/
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Re-release of the fifth full-length album by the legendary Swedish Epic Doom Metal band.
”Chapter VI” was a result of a very chaotic period in the bands carrier. After the recording of the “Live” album things wasn't well in Candlemass. The manager had left, sick of all the problems with the band. Nothing worked, they refused to tour (if the money wasn't right) and different bullshit regarding monetary matters was flying around - both within the band and in public. A lot of harsh words were said and Candlemass went separate ways even before the “Live” album was released. Leif and Messiah started to rehearse with Mike Wead and a couple of friends in the autumn/winter in something that later would turn into Abstrakt Algebra. Dave Constable,the ex-manager, was contacted and a campaign of persuation began. After several “goodwill” gestures from most parts a big meeting was held at Hard Rock Café Stockholm. Leif and the others agreed to continue. Fantastic gigs in England, Poland and USA did help the overall situation, but Candlemass was still a band in turmoil. During the rehearsals for “Chapter VI” in the summer of '91 the shit really hit the fan… Messiah Marcolin was hired…
Tis is the last Candlemass outing that includes contributions from key, if not mostly original members, "Chapter VI" signaled the end of anything significant from Sweden's Doom Metal pioneers. This was the first Candlemass album not to feature Messiah Marcolin on vocals since their 1986 debut "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus". The departure of Messiah Marcolin was perhaps good for the outfit's morale; however, his absence left the band without their most musically defining element. Marcolin's replacement, Tomas Vikström, does a decent job, but the unique delivery of his predecessor is indeed missing on this and every subsequent Candlemass offering.
This is the first Candlemass album to not be considered an essential Doom Metal release. "Chapter VI" is the least Doomy Candlemass release and also the one that has the most 80's Heavy Metal influences. The production is polished and a bit more accessible than the band's past releases, but even that doesn't help put the life into this album. After poor sales of the album, Candlemass subsequently disbanded in early 1994, only to reform three years later.
Encouraging tracks like "Where the Runes Still Speak" and "Julie Laughs No More" almost capture the gloomy aesthetic of Candlemass' better, late-'80s work. For the most part, though, "Chapter VI" is directionless when compared to earlier Candlemass material. Guitarist Lars Johansson tries mightily to spice things up with some fine performances, and his bandmates generally follow suit, but the occasionally above-average playing never makes up for an overall musical lethargy and the noticeable absence of Marcolin.
Candlemass was even nominated for a Grammy with “Chapter VI” - is hard to say, but the guys had a great time. And the gigs were phenomenal!
Re-edition contains 24 booklet, "Sjunger Sigge Fürst" EP 1993, as a bonus, and bonus DVD with “Live In Uddevalla 1993” and “The Dying Illusion” promo video!!
Peaceville Records, 1992/2006 (CDVILED216X). Made in Germany.

1. The Dying Illusion     5:52
2. Julie Laughs No More     4:23
3. Where The Runes Still Speak     8:42
4. The Ebony Throne     4:25
5. Temple Of The Dead     7:11
6. Aftermath     5:37
7. Black Eyes     5:53
8. The End Of Pain     4:23

Bonus Tracks (Candlemass Sjunger Sigge Fürst):
9. Bullfest     3:16
10. Samling Vid Pumpen     2:48   
11. Brollop Pa Hulda Johanssons Pensionat     2:46
12. Tjo Oxh Tjim Och Inget Annat     2:47
Total playing time: 58:03

Bonus DVD (Live In Uddevalla 1993):
1. Intro: Bullfest
2. The Dying Illusion
3. Dark Reflections
4. The Ebony Throne
5. At The Gallows End
6. Julie Laughs No More
7. The Well Of Souls
8. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
9. Mirror Mirror
Bonus Promo Video:
10. The Dying Illusion


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