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DEICIDE “Once Upon The Cross” /LP/

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DEICIDE “Once Upon The Cross” /LP/
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DEICIDE “Once Upon The Cross” /LP/ DEICIDE “Once Upon The Cross” /LP/ DEICIDE “Once Upon The Cross” /LP/ DEICIDE “Once Upon The Cross” /LP/

First re-release of the third full-length album by legendary American Death Metal band.
Everyone knows how extremely Anti-Christian Deicide is, with track titles like "Kill the Christian" ect., but you have to listen to them to grasp how evil Glen Benton sounds and how catchy their guitar riffs are. This 1995 release follows the same tradition as their two first album, recorded at the same studio and sounds great, if you like Death Metal production. "Once Upon The Cross" is a typically brutal set from Deicide that is particularly notable for the guitar pyrotechnics of Eric and Brian Hoffman. Lyrically, the band might be reiterating their satanic themes, but musically, the band continues to grow.
The songs go over 4 minutes in length, and Deicide know that if they want their songs to be brutal all the way through, the songs can't be long. Demons and gods make good stories and are often fun and interesting to read, but it's sad that people actually take it seriously. So, on the lyrics, they don't ruin the songs but few are outstanding, no horror movie penning either, which is a plus.
Glen Benton, like John Tardy (Obituary), invented the aggressive low pitch growling as far as you know. Although, one strange fact is that his higher, possessed sounding voice found on "Deicide" and "Legion" seems to have disappeared.
The rhythm guitars on this album are amazing; the library of good Death Metal riffs on every single Deicide release is just incredible.
The drumming is also very good and at times Steve manages to be very creative, though he never tries to just show off, the drumming is also insanely solid all the way through, he makes it sound so easy.
Glen's bass is either very, very tight, or it's not there and the guitars are very very thick, anyway it's not a drawback since the bass seems always to follow the guitars.
Very good production, performance and songwriting.
One of the best Deicide albums ever!!
Roadrunner Records/Cargo Records, 1995/2011 (RRCAR 8949-1). Made in Germany. 180 Gram Vinyl.

1.Once Upon The Cross 3:35
2.Christ Denied 3:39
3.When Satan Rules His World 2:54
4.Kill The Christian 2:57
5.Trick Or Betrayed 2:24

6. They Are The Children Of The Underworld 3:11
7. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise 2:57
8. To Be Dead 2:39
9. Confessional Rape 3:53
Total playing time: 28:09


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