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IMPALED NAZARENE “Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace” /CD/

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IMPALED NAZARENE “Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace” /CD/
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The seventh full-length studio album by legendary Finnish Thrash/Black Metal band.
With the "Nihil" album, we could already notice a more polished style and music from Impaled Nazarene, because of the new guitarist on that album, Alexi Laiho. He brought with it many influences from the Melodic Metal he used to play with Children Of Bodom, especially on the lead guitars lines, while the rest was still quite brutal but with signs of change. To the always-present brutality by this band, there has now opposed a more care for the structures.
"Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace" continues this way with more Thrashy riffs and an eye to the melody. The time of the pure Speed and Rawness seems quite far now even if the band has never forgotten the roots. Album welcomes us with blasting production that gives power and relevance to each instrument. The tempo is generally quite fast but the melody on the riffs is always present to make the whole song quite catchy too. The screams by Mika are always nasty but in some parts they are not like in the past, suffering a bit the steps of time.
Overall, this album will surely divide the new and the old fans of this band. The progression continues and the melodies are now far more important for Impaled Nazarene. However, the album is quite good even if it’s far from the sheer brutality of the early works but it’s always fast, just with an eye to the melody.
Although "Absence Of War" marks a rather distinct departure from their Black Metal roots, and positively reeks of Power Metal with a lot of the riffs, it is undeniably a Black Metal album through and through, and anyone who says otherwise has obviously never listened to it more than once. Moreover, it's highly recommended picking for anyone with even a remote interest in Extreme music of any sort. Even non-fans of Black Metal should be able to appreciate this gem!
The release was recorded at Anssi Kippo's Astia Studio.
A music video "Hardboiled And Still Hellbound" features former Finnish porn star Rakel Liekki.
Osmose Productions, 2001 (OPCD 123 / SPV 084-08502 CD). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. Re-press 2017.

Track list:
1. Stratagem 1:12
2. Absence Of War 2:27
3. The Lost Art Of Goat Sacrificing 3:54
4. Prequel To Bleeding (Angels III) 2:48
5. Hardboiled And Still Hellbound 2:31
6. Into The Eye Of The Storm 4:44
7. Before The Fallout 1:05
8. Humble Fuck Of Death 2:53
9. Via Dolorosa 4:08
10. Nyrkillä Tapettava Huora 3:00
11. Never Forgive 3:58
12. Satan Wants You Dead 0:16
13. The Madness Behind 4:12
Total playing time: 37:11 min.


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