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WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/

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WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/
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WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/ WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/ WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/ WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/ WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/ WHITESNAKE "1987 - 30th Anniversary Edition" /2LP/

The second official re-release of the seventh full-length studio album by legendary British Hard Rock band.
Also known as “Whitesnake” or “Snake Album” (released in Europe as “1987” and as “Serpens Albus” in Japan and USA). The differences are small, but they are enough to make it interesting. The first difference is the track order, which is very different. The album seems to flow a little better the way it is presented here, especially when utilizing "Still of the Night" as the opening track. This has always been one of their best songs, and by far one of the best Led Zeppelin rip-offs to ever be written. There are also two more songs than on the American release, making it that much more essential to fans. Of the two, "Looking for Love" is the standout; a nice slow build to a blustery chorus makes this a classic David Coverdale ballad. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again" is the hard rocker, and though it isn't exactly the holy grail of Hard Rock, it is a decent song that fits nicely with the other material here. If the option is presented, this is the superior edition and should be purchased above the edited American version. Fans will need the two extra songs, while anyone looking to hear their best album should hunt this down for the superior track order!
The album aimed for more of a Heavy Metal sound than the previous ones but still managed to produce a major Soft Rock hit, "Is This Love". David Coverdale built Whitesnake's commercial breakthrough on a collection of loud, polished Hard Rockers, plus the band's best set of Pop hooks. The Led Zeppelin-ish "Still of the Night" offered headbanger appeal, but it was the big chorus of "Here I Go Again" - one of the very small number of non-power ballad '80s Hard Rock singles to actually top the Pop charts, and the quiet ballad "Is This Love" that really sold the album in spades. The rest of the album generally holds interest as well, and it's easily the band's best!!
The album was a major crossover hit eventually selling over eight million copies in the US (and thus going 8 times Platinum). The album peaked at #2 on US Billboard 200, and #8 on the UK Albums Chart. Its success in the US boosted its predecessor, "Slide It In", from Gold to double Platinum status.
Gatefold Double 180 gram Vinyl includes eight unreleased before tracks (4 remixes and 4 lives).
Parlophone Records Ltd./Rhino Entertainment, 1987/2017 (0190295785178 / R1 563473). Made in EU.



Record 1: Remaster 2017

Side One
1. Still Of The Night
2. Bad Boys
3. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
4. Straight For The Heart
5. Here I Go Again 87

Side Two
1. Give Me All Your Love
2. Is This Love
3. Children Of The Night
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Don't Turn Away

Record 2: Bonus Material

Side Three
1. Still Of The Night (2017 Remix)
2. Is This Love (2017 Remix)
3. Give Me All Your Love (2017 Remix)
4. Here I Go Again 87 (2017 Remix)
5. Looking For Love (2017 Remaster)

Side Four
1. Here I Go Again (Live 1987-88)
2. Is This Love (Live 1987-88)
3. Give Me All Your Love (Live 1987-88)
4. Still of the Night (Live 1987-88)


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