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ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/

ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/
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ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/ ACCEPT "Kaizoku-Ban" /MLP; Live/

The second live album by legendary German Heavy Metal band.
"Kaizoku-Ban" gives a quick glimpse of Accept's awesome power as a live band.
Recorded during the band's peak on its Metal Heart Tour in Japan, this mini-album is presented in raw form (absolutely no re-recording or overdubs). It was recorded in Nagoya, Japan, September 19, 1985, and released on vinyl the same year.
RCA Schallplatten GmbH, 1985 (NG70941). Made in Germany. First press. Used: NM-/NM-.


Side A
1. メタル・ハート (Metal Heart) 06:06
2. スクリーミング・フォー・ア・ラヴバイト (Screaming for a Love-Bite) 04:32
3. アップ・トゥ・ザ・リミット (Up to the Limit) 04:52

Side B
4. ヘッド・オーヴァー・ヒールズ (Head Over Heels) 05:45
5. ラヴ・チャイルド (Love Child) 04:42
6. リヴィング・フォー・トゥナイト (Living for Tonite) 03:30

Total playing time: 29:27 min.

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