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MÖTLEY CRÜE "Shout At The Devil" /GLP/

MÖTLEY CRÜE "Shout At The Devil" /GLP/
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Second full-length album by legendary American Heavy/Glam Metal band.
“Shout At The Devil” was band's breakthrough success, bringing them to international attention and establishing Mötley Crüe as one of the top selling Heavy Metal acts of the 1980s. The same time it was a textbook example of Heavy Metal as it existed in the 80s. Song topics included sex, violence, drugs and youthful rebellion. In addition, the visual influence of the band in this era was palpable as their massive hair, makeup and tough, violent imagery contributed greatly to the visual aspects of Glam Metal.
"Shout At The Devil" displays Mötley Crüe's sleazy and notorious (yet quite entertaining) Metal at its best. When compared to its predecessor, "Too Fast For Love", one can see that the band's musical range certainly widened over the course of its first two albums; the record features catchy, Hard-Rocking songs, but also includes an instrumental ("God Bless the Children of the Beast") and a powerful cover of the Beatles' "Helter Skelter". While such later albums as "Dr. Feelgood" would achieve a higher amount of critical acclaim, no Mötley Crüe album surpasses the quality of "Shout At The Devil"!
"Looks That Kill" and "Too Young to Fall in Love" became huge hits and "Shout at the Devil" became very popular as well. “Shout At The Devil” is regarded as the heaviest sounding Mötley Crüe album by critics and fans alike. Album was placed at17 position in “The Billboard 200” and awarded 4x Platinum (reaching the four million mark in shipments) on May 15, 1997.
Caution: this record may contain backward messages.
Electra/Asylum Records, 1983 (96-0289-1). Made in Germany. First press. Used: very good. 180 gram vinyl.

1.In The Beginning 01:13
2.Shout At The Devil 03:16
3.Looks That Kill 04:07
4.Bastard 02:54
5.Knock 'em Dead, Kid 03:40
6.Danger 04:44
7.Too Young To Fall In Love 03:34
8.Helter Skelter 03:09
9.Red Hot 03:21
10.Ten Seconds ’Till Love 04:17
11.God Bless The Children Of The Beast 01:33

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