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DRUDKH “Пригорща Зірок / Handful Of Stars” /Ltd. LP/

DRUDKH “Пригорща Зірок / Handful Of Stars” /Ltd. LP/
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DRUDKH “Пригорща Зірок / Handful Of Stars” /Ltd. LP/ DRUDKH “Пригорща Зірок / Handful Of Stars” /Ltd. LP/ DRUDKH “Пригорща Зірок / Handful Of Stars” /Ltd. LP/

Eighth full-length album by Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal band.
"Handful Of Stars" may very well be band's greatest work to date - though the Experimental, Progressive, melancholic piano/keyboard, and Gauzy “Shoegaze” elements will undoubtedly piss off purists.
The guitar sound on this album is significantly cleaner than that on any previous album the band had released, with the exception of the band's folk album "Songs Of Grief And Solitude". Critics and fans noticed a strong influence from Post Rock and such bands as Alcest. For lyrics was used the poetry of Ukrainian authors, such as Oleksa Stefanovych and Svyatoslav Gordynskyj.
Those fans pleased with Drudkh’s recent direction will be more than satisfied, as Drudkh have once again delivered a solid, melodic album!
LP includes Download Card to get the free digital version of the album!!
Underground Activists/Season Of Mist, 2010 (SUA 016LP). Made in France.

Side A:
1. Cold Landscapes     1:14
2. Downfall Of The Epoch     12:10
3. Towards The Light     9:18
Side B:
4. Twilight Aureole     9:00
5. The Day Will Come     9:07
6. Listening To The Silence     1:05
Total playing time: 41:54


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