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VARECH “Coldead Marble Memories” /Cardboard CD/

VARECH “Coldead Marble Memories” /Cardboard CD/
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The debut full-length album by French Doom/Death Metal band.
Varech is the band from Lyon that features seven musicians. Their musical influences range from Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Saint Vitus, Coroner, Morbid Angel and many more…
Technical parts of their music challenge rhythm to give a powerful and modern meaning to Death Metal, while slower tempos and low-tuned guitars sound like a feeling of dread settled over you when you’re hearing those dark flavours.
Lyrics deal with personal experiences, childhood trauma, all about interpretation and invocation of death.
Varech uses Death Metal and Doom Metal standards, but the production gives to its music an evil and tasty sound!
Selfreleased, 2016. Made in France. Pressed in Germany. First press.

1. Into Arkhangelsk 6:05 
2. Shadows Territory 6:23 
3. The Floating Morgue 3:44 
4. Full Doomoon Under 4:02 
5. Sludge Skin 7:37 
6. Apokaleipsis L'utimanifeste 5:13 
7. 3.C / 273 5:05 I
8. Lethargic Depression 5:10 
9. My Vladysse Morticia 4:08 
10. Alchemical Transmutation 7:14 
11. Soon Will Be The End 4:52 
12. Sanctissima Mors 5:13 
13. Golden Sleep 4:31 
14. Memories Alley... 3:44
Total playing time: 73:01

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