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CYDIA "Evil Sun" /Digital LP/

CYDIA "Evil Sun" /Digital LP/
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Debut full-length album by Russian Melodic Groove/Death Metal band.
First longplay of Samara's extremal went surprisingly harmonious - a heavy Groove, fast drive and catchy melodies. All this fueled by famously versatile vocals and non-empty lyrics.
Tracks sound fresh, interesting and varied. At the same time, the album is perceived at one go, and special, at no similar to other bans style, once deposited in the memory. Impossible to confuse these guys with someone else, that is worthy of respect in the current realities of constant adherence to fashion trends!
Album reflects its name: the evil and burning, bright and atmospheric!
Album includes an 8-pages booklet.
Metal Scrap Records, 2011 (MSR024/CD). 

1.Танец Смерти/Dance Of The Death 04:30
2.Злое Солнце/Evil Sun 03:30
3.100 Лет/100 Years 03:33
4.Мёртвый Ангел/Dead Angel 03:19
5.Ночь Без Сна/Night Without Dream 04:07
6.Жизнь За 3.45/Life For 3.45 03:38
7.Сталкер*/Stalker 04:12
8.Из Дневников Урода*/Diary Of Freak 03:44
9.Один Из Нас*/One From Us 03:25
10.Последний Рассвет*/The Last Sunset 04:44
11.Слишком Живой*/Alive Too Much 03:40
Total playing time: 42:27



Digital Release includes:
- album tracks in MP3 or WAV (select needed format);
- band bio in PDF;
- band photo;
- digital booklet in PDF.

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